She’s on a working holiday!

The joys of the Asian girl on a working holiday visa in UK

Every year, some 2000 working holiday visas are granted to people aged up to 30 in some of the east Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan. The majority are here for enjoying a break from the often hectic lives they have in their own countries. Some come to learn English. Others might be here for work. The good news is that most are single and up for a good time.

But you need to know a few things so that you can make the most of the situation. A girl I met recently is on a two year working holiday in London. Sakura is in her late twenties, and she is over here to enjoy London. As well as working in the Japan Centre, Sakura also has a second job in a restaurant. Sakura* is as a good an example of the many Japanese and Korean girls who come to London.

They won’t have the best English, so bear that in mind when you come to approach them. And they will be changing jobs, moving around, perhaps doing some studying at the same time. It’s common for most girls to stay with with a ‘host’ family to help them settle in, for the first few months, and quite possibly the length of their stay. So bear that in mind too, because in these situations it’s going to be hard for you to be able turn up at the host family’s house, however much you want to have sex

It’s good to be realistic, so that you can make things easy for both of you.Let’s say you’re lucky enough to meet a nice girl from Japan and you’re both into each other. You become a couple. Then her 2 years’ are up. You try the long distance relationship and it fails. You could have spent that time getting with all the other girls you ignored when you wanted to be with her exclusively. Sometimes, it works, and a lot of girls who have a working holiday will return, especially if she likes you a lot. But bear in mind that it could go either way.

Another thing you will find is that these women have only a very basic idea of what life in the UK is actually like, because there is not much connection with the UK and their own countries. It’s hard for girls to come here and know how to make money , when the pound is an unfamiliar quantity – also they won’t really know how much money they will need until they actually live here.

Working holiday girls are easy?

Its not as though all girls on a working holiday are sluts, but some are going to be quite open to the idea of sleeping with a foreigner. You may have a good chance if you live in a nice area of London where she’s going to want to spend time in. Notting Hill (because of the film) and Camden (no idea why), are two of the places you are guaranteed to find Asian girls. Don’t go thinking they are going to sleep with you just because you gave them directions to the mall or told them which side of the escalator to go on. They won’t make it that easy for you. Most of the girls on a working holiday are fairly serious, and may only want a relationship, if they even want anything from you at all. And if I’m being honest, I’ve wasted a lot of time taking girls out to the sights of London, when I would have preferred to have taken them to a hotel.

If you’re looking to have sex with a girl on a working holiday, go for it. Although my experience is that quite a few girls from Japan are a bit shy and it will take a long time to warm them up to the idea. Or it could be simply that they don’t find me attractive. If you are a bit awkward at talking to girls cold, you can try some dating services. Japan Cupid is only worth it if you pay the membership, but you can find one or two Japanese girls who are living abroad. Otherwise, you might be lucky to find a Japanese girl who somehow has decided she is going to find the love of her life on Tinder

So in a nutshell, meeting an Asian girl on a working holiday can be a great opportunity if you are patient and able to deal with them wanting to do stuff you consider boring. But you risk becoming attached to the same girl for too much of your time, and most of the women on a working holiday are quite boring. So there you have it guys. here’s a video on the subject as well.

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  1. Wow I’m actually shocked at this. What a disturbing way to look at women. So degrading. You make yourself come across that you prey on these women. Any woman to end up with you, I hope she reads all these and realises what a knob you are

      1. I read alot of your stories Rob. Most are interesting. Your love for Japan is amazing. Learn a lot about culture from your posts. It’s just when you talk about the woman you seem to become so excited that the words come out and the tone changes. Im not meaning to come across rude or anything. I do enjoy what you post Rob

      2. What is the title of the deleted youtube video? I am interested. What’s the content of the video?

      3. Its pretty average content, nothing amazing apart from me yakking about my negative and positive situations with women here on working holiday visas from Japan and Korea.

  2. I gave up chasing girls long ago. I prefer eating! I bowl of ramen never called me a “fat loser” who should “get a real job.” Jeez.

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    She’s in love with the world
    But sometimes, these feelings can be so misleading
    She turns and says, “Are you alright?”
    I said, “I must be fine ’cause my heart’s still beating”
    “Come and kiss me by the riverside, yeah
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  5. Why did he leave me? WHY?! Is he sleeping with that skinny sl*t from BlackPink?! Sure she can dance, but can she VLOG?!

  6. Why is it white guys with an Asian fetish look down on white women that marry Asians and speak fluent Japanese and Chinese?

  7. what a disrespectful, crude, and just plain fucking rude way to speak about women. dude’s never been laid, and it shows.


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