Drive my Car Review

How the film diverges from the book, whilst keeping some things the same. Published as part of a short story collection, Drive My Car is one of Murakami’s finest short stories. But it’s not particularly dramatic, strange, or interesting. Nothing would suggest that it would make a particularly cinematic film. But here we are, withContinue reading “Drive my Car Review”

Planning the Perfect trip to Japan

The Most Beautiful Things to Do in Japan While You Are on Your Holiday! Years of travel and study would be required to fully comprehend the Japanese people’s culture. In this article, I’d like to assist you in deciding what should not be missed on a trip to Japan in order to fully immerse yourselfContinue reading “Planning the Perfect trip to Japan”

How Battle Royale became the ultimate Japanese teen film

Films about teenagers make up the bulk of Japanese cinema in the nineties, The period between puberty and adulthood is even more romanticised than in America. Yet at the end of the century one film came out that was to change the face of Japanese cinema and bring about new Asian influence in American cinema.Continue reading “How Battle Royale became the ultimate Japanese teen film”

British Women the ugliest in the world?

A dating coach famously announced that he didn’t consider British Women to be worth dating, based mainly on their looks and attitudes. His name is Richard Ruina, although for the purposes of this article it doesn’t really matter. On the other hand, a number of people (British, it must be said) leapt to their defence,Continue reading “British Women the ugliest in the world?”