A confession : Why I prefer Swimsuits over Bikinis

Now I like a bikini as much as any man. But whislt a lot of women wear them, most women simply don’t have the body for them. So here’s why I think swimsuits are more suitable for women.

1. A swimsuit has more coverage than a twopiece bikini set. The stomach area is not especially attractive and the swimsuit does a great job concealing it. 

2. A swimsuit is more stable and will be less likely to fall off, reveal breasts or other body parts.

3. Swimsuits are more archicterual and come with more support, although bikinis have differences, none are very different.

4. Swimsuits are available in custom designs, and shapes. For someone not sure, there is even the option of a monokini. Usually it’s a swimsuit with a part cut out and therefore more revealing than a standard swimsuit but still a one-piece. 

5. Women look better in a swimsuit. Larger women shouldn’t wear a bikini, whislt younger women often do, it’s tricky to find a bikini that looks good. Swimsuits are therefore the safest option for anyone who doesn’t have a perfectly toned body, or isn’t 8 years old.

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