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  • She’s just looking for friends

    It can be hard to accept, but a lot of women are only interested in being your friend. Even if the issue of sex is impossible to avoid, that attractive woman who smiles at you is probably being polite or friendly. Yet when it comes to Asian woman, we forget that not all of them […]

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  • London’s best value 4*Hotel

    London’s best value 4*Hotel

    London isn’t known for being good value, so when you do manage to find a bargain it’s all the more satisfying. Yet I managed to find a great hotel during the holiday season, and it wasn’t difficult! I stay in a lot of hotels. I don’t get paid to travel and I’m not on […]

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  • Thailand is back open for foreign tourists

    Thailand is back open for foreign tourists

    After two years, Thalailand is fully open for international travellers. The country has seen most of its famous landmarks closed to tourists, but it now looks as though the country is ready to welcome tourists with open arms. Before April 2022, the requirement for international tourists was that they needed to show a negative PCR […]

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