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  • The great big Instagram LIE

    Near the end of that amazing book by the writer and chef Eddie Huang, he talks about his idea of a neighbourhood restaurant. Im going to paraphrase here but the essence of a neighbourhood place is one where everyone is welcome. you don’t need to buy anything , and you especially don’t need to make […]

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  • Hot Girl Supper Podcast

    Hot Girl Supper Podcast

    The fact is that it’s rare even now to hear women, let alone Asian women, speak directly about dating and relationships. I have enjoyed all of their podcasts. They keep things interesting for the whole running time and it sounds like they didn’t even need to have a script for things to be interesting. 

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  • 3 Sojus reviewed

    3 Sojus reviewed

    Soju, the distilled drink has been the number 1 drink in South Korea and is also the world’s most popular spirit. For most people, soju is a cheap, simple alcohol with little taste. The drink is only made in South Korea and can be distilled from bamboo or sweet potato. It is best drunk with […]

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  • Chloe Flower CD review

    Pop-classical artist Chloe Flower has released her first album. Is it any good?

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