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Campaign forces uniform change for flight attendants

Japan Airlines to no longer require women to wear skirts and heels

After a long social media campaign (#Kutsu), the flagship carrier JAL announced as of April 1 that it would no longer dictate uniforms for its female workers. Trousers will now be optional and women will no longer be required to wear heels.

I have an opinion on this. Having flown several times in Asian countries I have taken an interest in the uniforms worn by flight attendants. I can see that trousers might be more comfortable for cabin crew, particularly on long hall flights, but the image won’t be the same. There is a kind of timeless elegance to the traditional flight attendant uniform. Yes, its true that many airlines have already allowed female staff to wear trousers. Yet, most women will probably carry on wearing skirts, makeup and heels, no matter the result of the ruling, especially as this is the style most passengers prefer.

It’s a job that puts women (and men) in the public eye. I’m sure most female flight attendants are well aware of this.

Some flight attendants who don’t seem too concerned to wear their uniforms. If one of them was wearing trousers, this wouldn’t look quite the same.

Since the fashion photography of Norman Parkinson, we have been aware of the connection between aviation and glamour and it would be a shame if this were to change. Whilst it’s probably inevitable that other airlines such as Cathay Pacific will follow the path set by JAL, there is still time to enjoy the glamour of beautiful flight attendants wearing heels, stockings, and a skirt.

The real reason people teach English abroad

Say what you will about teaching english abroad, it gets all kinds of comments online. Whatever you think about it, it’s been popular as a way for college students to delay their responsibilities some more, or to experience living abroad. But there’s one reason why so many decide to and teach in South Korea, Japan, China and Japan. Specifically, if you’re young and male, you’re going to be getting a lot more attention from women than you would at home.

That’s not what people put down on their supporting documents when they write their applications. Oh no. It’s all about expanding your horizons, giving something back, doing something they love.

Now I think about it, it’s not just for teaching. It goes for men travelling in Asia generally. Just imagine spending your entire life being made to feel worthless, not good enough for any woman you dare to approach. And then finding women who not only find you attractive, but are happy to have relationships with you as well, simply because they enjoy your company. I’ve heard of men who say that after going to Asia they will never date a white girl again.

Equally, I’ve encountered many women in Asia who are largely ignored because they don’t fit into the rigid boxes that society makes for them. Or they don’t have exactly the right physical attributes that men in those country expect women to have.

One day I’ll lose my hair, but it’ll be ok because I’ll look like Jason Statham.

Sometimes I see mismatched couples, usually when she is much more attractive than him. There are a few instances of Asian girls dating white guys that look just like Moby (thank you, Awkwafina). but many Asian women know their worth and are dating very attractive white guys. I don’t need to drive the point home too much. The evidence is all around. Geeky white guys (who stood watching everyone getting off with each other at parties) are going to Asia and marrying banging girls who end up coming back with them. If this were a movie it would be the feel-good hit of the year. But it’s not – it’s real life, and everyone’s winning in this love story.