Ten things I hate about South Korea.

In no particular order: Bars and restaurants One of the worst things is going to restaurants and bars on your own. Koreans have a hatred of doing things on their own. Don’t expect to be welcomed by other Koreans when you go to restaurants as a foreigner, they will completely avoid any interaction with you.Continue reading “Ten things I hate about South Korea.”

Produce 48 – New Korean competition show

“Produce 48” is the latest iteration of Korean competition programs which in the past have given us Wanna One and I.O.I. “Produce 48” is a  collaboration between Mnet and Japanese producer Yasushi Akimoto. The show has recruited ninety-six female trainees from music companies in Japan and South Korea. They are competing to become part ofContinue reading “Produce 48 – New Korean competition show”

Why are K-pop fans so unattractive?

Now this post may upset people so I will ask the question straight away: Why are so many fans of K-pop music so freaking ugly? If you think about it, the fans you normally see listening to k-music, attending concerts or looking at fan merchandise are hardly attractive. But when it comes to the musiciansContinue reading “Why are K-pop fans so unattractive?”

Female K-fans: are they ruining things for the rest of us?

Sometimes it’s not easy to be  a fan of Korea. The language is very difficult for one thing. The country can be hard to understand and the people can be fairly intolerant of foreigners (not all, but definitely some). What makes it really difficult are the many fans who seem to like Korea because ofContinue reading “Female K-fans: are they ruining things for the rest of us?”

K-Pop review: Ailee + Vivid

Let’s start with the packaging: all Korean CDs come packaged in lavish cardboard folders that are closer to hard back books than the standard plastic jewel cases used by Western manufacturers. This one is no exception: the cd comes in a hard book with several glossy photos of Ailee looking very seductive. The CD itselfContinue reading “K-Pop review: Ailee + Vivid”

Five great Girl’s Generation songs

If you’re not already loving this great 8-piece girl group from Korea then you damn well should be. For the uninitiated, here are five great songs to start off with: ‘Gee’   The one that got things going in a really big way. If you sing just a few bars of this song to anyoneContinue reading “Five great Girl’s Generation songs”

Academics gather for third World Congress of Hallyu, Dubai

K-pop group Sistar It seems that as well as being a pop-cultural phenomenon that saw Gangnam Style become the most watched video on Youtube, K-Pop is now leading academics to write scholarly papers on the “symbiosis and parasitism” of attempts by fans to mimic idol groups’ dancing. There has been resistance from the establishment who worryContinue reading “Academics gather for third World Congress of Hallyu, Dubai”