On getting my first taste of Asian fever

For the first time in my life, I felt that my life had a clear sense of purpose.. I felt there was a clear connection between the spicy heat of pickled cabbage, the green bottles of soju I drank, and Eun-young’s jet black hair, long legs and dazzling crescent moon eyes. My world was good and I loved everything in it.

Ten things I hate about South Korea.

In no particular order: Bars and restaurants One of the worst things is going to restaurants and bars on your own. Koreans have a hatred of doing things on their own. Don’t expect to be welcomed by other Koreans when you go to restaurants as a foreigner, they will completely avoid any interaction with you.Continue reading “Ten things I hate about South Korea.”

My first visit to South Korea

First, let’s get past the over-familiar, guidebook cliches written about South Korea: It’s a land of contrasts (often the first sentence of many travel guides); its one of the most rapidly developing of Asian countries (actually it was, but the economy has been slowing down in the last few years; the country doesn’t have anyContinue reading “My first visit to South Korea”

Which is better; Korea or Japan?

Of course, in an ideal world, there would be just one country, a combination of the two called “Japorea” or “Korpan”. There is so much these great countries have in common. They have similar environments and climate. They like similar music and films. Let’s put it to the test. Starting with: Language Japansese is aContinue reading “Which is better; Korea or Japan?”

Restaurant review Jin Go Gae

With over 20 restaurants serving Korean food in New Malden, finding the right one can be difficult. Following the crowds leads you to Jin Go Gae, which is away from the hight street along an unprepossessing road off the A3 fly-over. Don’t let the destination fool you – this is a great restaurant. We startedContinue reading “Restaurant review Jin Go Gae”


Authors: Deuki Hong & Matt Robbard Clarkson Potter New York 2016 If you’ve never eaten Korean food, try to imagine a less-refined, spicier Japanese cuisine, or rather, Chinese food with less MSG. The profile of Korean food (Hansik) has risen immeasurably in the past few years. It’s now possible to eat Korean food in many WesternContinue reading “Book review: KOREATOWN A COOKBOOK”

Adventures in Koreatown

After having lived in New Malden for over two years, I’ve become a total Korean connoisseur and a little bit obsessive about everything 한국어. I started blogging about New Malden in 2014, specifically relating to the Korean establishments. New Malden has changed a lot since then, with the arrival of Pizza Express and Nando’s, notContinue reading “Adventures in Koreatown”

Ten great Korean dishes

Here are some of my favourite Korean dishes that I have tried so far… Bibimbap This is a hot-stone bowl with julienned carrots, courgette, seasoned beef and other namul. Its served in a hot stone bowl so the rice is still cooking, and comes with a fried egg on top. Stirring it all together preventsContinue reading “Ten great Korean dishes”