Authors: Deuki Hong & Matt Robbard Clarkson Potter New York 2016 If you’ve never eaten Korean food, try to imagine a less-refined, spicier Japanese cuisine, or rather, Chinese food with less MSG. The profile of Korean food (Hansik) has risen immeasurably in the past few years. It’s now possible to eat Korean food in many WesternContinue reading “Book review: KOREATOWN A COOKBOOK”

Adventures in Koreatown

After having lived in New Malden for over two years, I’ve become a total Korean connoisseur and a little bit obsessive about everything 한국어. I started blogging about New Malden in 2014, specifically relating to the Korean establishments. New Malden has changed a lot since then, with the arrival of Pizza Express and Nando’s, notContinue reading “Adventures in Koreatown”