The Bay 101: Favourite tourist attraction in Haeundae

If you check out  out any tourist guide to Busan, you will find this place mentioned as one of the best places to visit for what Koreans call ‘Night View.’ Every time I ask for recommendations of where to go I’m always told that this or that particular place has the best night view ofContinue reading “The Bay 101: Favourite tourist attraction in Haeundae”

Ten things I hate about South Korea.

In no particular order: Bars and restaurants One of the worst things is going to restaurants and bars on your own. Koreans have a hatred of doing things on their own. Don’t expect to be welcomed by other Koreans when you go to restaurants as a foreigner, they will completely avoid any interaction with you.Continue reading “Ten things I hate about South Korea.”

Jangyu Cafe Street, Gimhae

‘Finding the perfect coffee in Jangyu Cafe Street Besides being home to Busan’s International airport , Gimhae has many other things to recommend it as a place to visit. There is the excellent Gaya museum and the tomb of King Suro. For shoppers, there is a large Shinsegae department store and next to the LotteContinue reading “Jangyu Cafe Street, Gimhae”

Getting lost in Busan

I have been here for nine months now and I thought that I would feel more at home here by now. Actually it’s more like the opposite of that situation. It seems that the longer I stay here the stranger it seems. And the things that I don’t like become more unappealing. Not that IContinue reading “Getting lost in Busan”

Sexless Korea

Is it possible that I got it wrong about Korea? Specifically, that it’s really easy to get with women if you’re white? Whilst there are those who would say otherwise, here are a few reasons why it’s actually hard, really hard, to get even a date here as a foreign male. The culture is totallyContinue reading “Sexless Korea”

The battle between men and women in South Korea

The latest rounds have been fired in the battle of the sexes. Far from being a land of calm, South Korea is currently undergoing a gender war. it was an innocuous t-shirt that lit the fuse for the recent conflagration. When a voice actress for a video game tweeted a picture of herself wearing aContinue reading “The battle between men and women in South Korea”

Hell Choson?

A recent survey for Global Citizenship claims that South Korean young adults report some of the highest levels of dissatisfaction of any country. The study gives South Korea a net happiness score of 29%, which was the second lowest out of the 20 countries represented in the study.Yet if you look further down, you can seeContinue reading “Hell Choson?”

Things I wish I had known about South Korea before travelling there

It’s not as cheap as people say Having said that, the food is cheaper than in most other countries. Particularly Japanese and Korean. But if you want to eat imported food, I’m sure its more expensive. Travel is cheaper than many countries, but accommodation can be expensive if you want to stay somewhere comfortable. IContinue reading “Things I wish I had known about South Korea before travelling there”

Why I don’t like Korea fans

What’s your passion? Is it an interest that you enjoy sharing with others or is it an activity that you pursue alone? Maybe you enjoy meeting up with people who also share your passion. Or is it difficult to find someone who likes the same things as you? I am a huge fan of KoreaContinue reading “Why I don’t like Korea fans”

2nd Scandal threatens to engulf South Korean President

You may not have heard about this unless you have been following the Korean news online. You certainly wouldn’t find anything about it in the crap blogs that think the only interesting things going on in Korea are k-pop and couple t-shirts. But this is really worth paying attention to. It concerns Geun-Hye’s advisor,Choi Soon-gil,Continue reading “2nd Scandal threatens to engulf South Korean President”