Adventures in Koreatown

After having lived in New Malden for over two years, I’ve become a total Korean connoisseur and a little bit obsessive about everything 한국어. I started blogging about New Malden in 2014, specifically relating to the Korean establishments. New Malden has changed a lot since then, with the arrival of Pizza Express and Nando’s, notContinue reading “Adventures in Koreatown”

Diary of a Romance Part 3

Its amazing how many things you start to be come aware of when you start seeing someone. Like the cleanliness of your bedroom. If its just gonna be me in there, I don’t bother keeping it clean. I let clothes pile up in messy piles; books and paper clutter themselves on the floor. I getContinue reading “Diary of a Romance Part 3”

The Place – New Malden

I thought that I would give you some more information on one of my favourite places in New Malden. The Place is the nicest coffee shop in New Malden to relax and chill in. Aside from here there is a Costa a little further down the road. Recently I had the sweet potato cake (picturedContinue reading “The Place – New Malden”