North Korean Defector says Soap Opera encouraged him to break for freedom

Whilst South Korean soap operas have long drawn a wide fan base for their excellent production values and superb acting, not too mention beautiful actors, no one watching them could guess that they might one day foment the overthrow of a government. There’s a saying that the Revolution will be televised. But in the caseContinue reading “North Korean Defector says Soap Opera encouraged him to break for freedom”

Not all Chinese women have plastic surgery…..

It appears that some people were offended by my earlier article which seemed to give a very one-sided view of Chinese women seeking plastic surgery. The following is a list of some very beautiful and successful Chinese ladies who definitely don’t require surgical enhancements to improve their natural good looks.

Wealthy Chinese tourists travel to South Korea for more than a holiday

South Korea has the highest rate of cosmetic surgery per capita of any country in the world. Seoul Touchup, a government-approved medical agency, states in its marketing materials that “Korean women are arguably more objectified than their male counterparts than any other women in the world.”