Carole Landis RIP: death photos of forgotten Hollywood beauty

Detectives John M. Laymen, top, and Emmett Jones examine the body of actress Carole Landis in a bathroom (one of four) at her home at 1465 Capri Drive, July 5, 1948. There is something not quite right about this picture. Landis died in July, so why is there is a fur coat doing on theContinue reading “Carole Landis RIP: death photos of forgotten Hollywood beauty”

It Gets Lonely Out Here

Sit down, have a seat. Take of those wet clothes. You look like you could use a rest. It’s been cold hasn’t it? I’m surprised that you found us, we’re so tucked away. Yes, its a big place, its 100 acres beyond those trees. Well, how about a drink? I’ve got some whisky tucked awayContinue reading “It Gets Lonely Out Here”

The bizarre world of scientology

I have been paying close attention to the recent Tom Cruise situation covered by a recent Vanity Fair article. Cruise is one of several A-listers to have joined the ‘religion’. Among the well-known celebrities to have joined are: John Travolta, Juliette Lewis, Beck, Nancy Cartwright and Jason Lee. The church had always encouraged celebrities toContinue reading “The bizarre world of scientology”

Harold Bishop = acting legend

He was great wasn’t he. Watching neighbours was one of the highlights of my childhood. I can still hear the famous theme tune in my head. I used to watch it at 530 before eating my dinner. Sometimes I’d even watch it in the afternoon as well. Good times! In Australia they treat Ian SmithContinue reading “Harold Bishop = acting legend”

Things I have done that I shouldn’t have done

When I was six I and a good friend talked to a stranger in town. He bought us ice cream and gave us money. We knew we shouldn’t have done it and that our parents would disapprove but we did it anyway. a similar thing happened on holiday. later we found an abandoned tire inContinue reading “Things I have done that I shouldn’t have done”

In 1981 Natalie Wood was on a yacht with her husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken. They had all been drinking heavily. The evening ended in tragedy when Nalie Wood fell off the boat and drowned. This has long been one of Hollywood’s most mysterious deaths. Why was she arguing with Walken? And why wasContinue reading

No, but I’ve seen the movie.

Lets face it, there are some books we will never get around to reading. Here is a list of books I know from the screen adaptations; Pride and Prejudice/Sense and Sensibility/Mansfield Park I haven’t read a single Austen novel. But directors seem to love her work. Every few years there is some kind of modernContinue reading “No, but I’ve seen the movie.”

Glad to be unhappy

┬áRodgers and HartLook at yourself, if you had a sense of humorYou would laugh to beat the bandLook at yourself, do you still believe the rumorThat romance is simply grand? Since you took it right on the chinYou have lost that bright toothpaste grinMy mental state is all a-jumbleI sit around and sadly mumble FoolsContinue reading “Glad to be unhappy”

The biggest names to die of Aids

A recent Newsweek article revealed that most obituaries of stars to die of Aids did not mention the disease. In his entire eight-year presidency Ronald Reagan did not mention thhomsexuae condition, as though even to speak of it was to get too close. AIDS was first considered something only caught by drug users and homosexuals.Continue reading “The biggest names to die of Aids”

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