Why I am learning Korean

Here’s how I began my journey into learning Korean. I’d always considered myself a poor language student. At school I learnt French from the age of 8 until 13. I barely got past the stage of being able to order an ice-cream. The languages on offer when I took my GCSEs were French, German andContinue reading “Why I am learning Korean”

A new A-list star rises in the East

In the recently published ranking of the world’s highest paid actress one name stood out among the usual supsects of Jennifer Lawrence (no.1), Scarlett Johnannson (no.2) and Angelina Jolie (no.7). Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was confirmed as being the only non-American in the Forbes list. Its a sign of the increasing earning power (think endorsementsContinue reading “A new A-list star rises in the East”

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