Bizarre Hollywood deaths: Charles McGraw

Actor Charles McGraw (1914-1980) has one of the most bizarre and unusual deaths of any actor I have come across, slipping and falling through a glass shower door. The accident occurred at his home in Studio City, California. He was 66. McGraw became famous after starring in the noir film ‘The Narrow Margin‘ – playingContinue reading “Bizarre Hollywood deaths: Charles McGraw”

My thoughts on the Oscar Pistorious Case

Pistorious is currently on bail, charged with murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. What actually happened? Here is what we know: shots were fired at his home, at 3am, Steenkamp was dead when the ambulance arrived after Pistorious had unsuccessfully tried to revive her. He made a call saying he had shot his girlfriend. witnessesContinue reading “My thoughts on the Oscar Pistorious Case”

TV review: – Girls, Season 2.6: Boys

Lena Denham’s Girls has been a constant source of amusement, enjoyment and frustration. Last night’s episode (Boys) was like watching a compendium of everything that makes the show so great, with all of the things that make it drag left out. Each episode of this series has felt like its a stand-alone film, complete withContinue reading “TV review: – Girls, Season 2.6: Boys”

True life Hollywood: “the Producer and the Black Panther”

This is an amazing real life story that belongs in fiction, or a movie thriller…. Back when the movies had soul and America was feeling the aftermath of the civil rights movement, a young revolutionary by the name of Huey Long founded a radical movement. But this episode centres on what led a big shotContinue reading “True life Hollywood: “the Producer and the Black Panther””

‘The Celluloid Closet’: a history of Hollywood’s depiction of homosexuality

During the forties there were clear intimations of it in Rope (1948), Victory and The Maltese Falcon. The fifties brought I Vitelloni, Strangers On a Train, Suddenly Last Summer, Serious Charge, and the decade was rounded off with two productions of the life of Oscar Wilde. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and Spartacus wereContinue reading “‘The Celluloid Closet’: a history of Hollywood’s depiction of homosexuality”