Emmett Till (1941-1955)

Those who saw last year’s The Help may be wondering if it showed the full picture of the racism of the Southern states before equal rights for blacks. One incident stands out as being ┬áthe most unimaginably extreme example of the racist attitudes towards blacks in the fifties. A young man named Emmet Till wasContinue reading “Emmett Till (1941-1955)”

And the Oscar goes to…………..

You have to hand it to the Academy of Motion Pictures. When it comes to self-aggrandisement they are world leaders. Among the options available for best picture in what was the most varied list in years, they went for a film that was about a film, albeit one that was only a front for aContinue reading “And the Oscar goes to…………..”

Bizarre Hollywood deaths: Charles McGraw

Actor Charles McGraw (1914-1980) has one of the most bizarre and unusual deaths of any actor I have come across, slipping and falling through a glass shower door. The accident occurred at his home in Studio City, California. He was 66. McGraw became famous after starring in the noir film ‘The Narrow Margin‘ – playingContinue reading “Bizarre Hollywood deaths: Charles McGraw”

My thoughts on the Oscar Pistorious Case

Pistorious is currently on bail, charged with murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. What actually happened? Here is what we know: shots were fired at his home, at 3am, Steenkamp was dead when the ambulance arrived after Pistorious had unsuccessfully tried to revive her. He made a call saying he had shot his girlfriend. witnessesContinue reading “My thoughts on the Oscar Pistorious Case”

TV review: – Girls, Season 2.6: Boys

Lena Denham’s Girls has been a constant source of amusement, enjoyment and frustration. Last night’s episode (Boys) was like watching a compendium of everything that makes the show so great, with all of the things that make it drag left out. Each episode of this series has felt like its a stand-alone film, complete withContinue reading “TV review: – Girls, Season 2.6: Boys”

On not having sex in college

Right, its confession time. I didn’t have sex in college. Or at university. I’m not proud of the fact. After all that was a big part of me going there in the first place. I hate to think of all the sex I missed by not being at the right parties or hanging with theContinue reading “On not having sex in college”

True life Hollywood: “the Producer and the Black Panther”

This is an amazing real life story that belongs in fiction, or a movie thriller…. Back when the movies had soul and America was feeling the aftermath of the civil rights movement, a young revolutionary by the name of Huey Long founded a radical movement. But this episode centres on what led a big shotContinue reading “True life Hollywood: “the Producer and the Black Panther””

The scariest thing of all

When I was nineteen I spent a summer working at a warehouse. I was a student and away from home for the first time, and I needed money. The guy said I could start the next evening, i was to be stacking the shelves, taking deliveries and looking at the security cameras. It was aContinue reading “The scariest thing of all”

‘The Celluloid Closet’: a history of Hollywood’s depiction of homosexuality

During the forties there were clear intimations of it in Rope (1948), Victory and The Maltese Falcon. The fifties brought I Vitelloni, Strangers On a Train, Suddenly Last Summer, Serious Charge, and the decade was rounded off with two productions of the life of Oscar Wilde. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and Spartacus wereContinue reading “‘The Celluloid Closet’: a history of Hollywood’s depiction of homosexuality”

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