Diary of a Romance Part 2

Saturday 30th January Miho came to meet me as planned yesterday. We met inside McDonalds again, its a convenient meeting point as its near my flat. As we had already planned to cook something together, we went to a Korean supermarket to buy some ingredients for our lunch. I explained to Miho that I alreadyContinue reading “Diary of a Romance Part 2”

Diary of a romance

I first saw Miho at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon inside a Starbucks cafe. She was sitting alone on one of the high tables reading on a kindle. I glanced over at the text and I noticed that it was in Japanese. I asked her if she was Japanese and she replied that sheContinue reading “Diary of a romance”

Some nice Korean snacks

Here are some tasty Korean snacks I have tried recently. Most are made by the giant conglomerate Lotte, one of Korea’s biggest companies. It was named after the heroine of Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther. Choco-Pie Kind of like a Wagon Wheel, the Choco-Pie has a chocolate coating with a marshmallow and biscuit middle.Continue reading “Some nice Korean snacks”

Those ‘crazy’ North Koreans?

Here much of the press haven’t been sure how to respond to the recent news that North Korea has detonated another hydrogen bomb. On the one hand, the view that North Korea is a failed state, with a leader with a ridiculous hairstyle has been very successful and seems to be related to making asContinue reading “Those ‘crazy’ North Koreans?”

The trouble with men

Recently I went out drinking to celebrate Christmas Eve. It was a scene most of you will be all too familiar with. However, just in case any of you are unfamiliar with the delights of the British pub, I will describe what I saw. Groups of men, mostly young, were standing around, drinking heavily. AtContinue reading “The trouble with men”

How learning Korean saved my life

A few years ago I felt as though my life was stuck in a rut, that nothing was exciting to me any more. I had had this feeling for a long time. I was in a pattern of repetiveness. you could say that I was feeling bored with life and it didn’t give me anyContinue reading “How learning Korean saved my life”

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