Nice, August 2009

So there’s me, Fred, and two Norwegian girls that we met on holiday. The girls are a lot younger than us, maybe 19. we’re touring the South of France together. So what are you doing around here, I ask Christina (blonde) ‘studying for exams’ she tells me. That sounds interesting, I tell her. it’s notContinue reading “Nice, August 2009”

The Best Year of my Life

I was born in 1982, the same year as Britney Spears and Prince William. I’m sure there are many more celebrities born in the same year, I’m just listing the two I can remember. People say I look a bit like Prince William, but I’m not sure. Princess Diana died in my fifteenth year… IContinue reading “The Best Year of my Life”

Sinatra, The Mob and JFk

Now for a story from one of my favourite periods in history: perhaps no other period contains so much poltical change in such a short period of time. For one brief, none too long era, a process of enlightenment was spreading, the nexus of politics and entertainment. It was a glorious time: people called itContinue reading “Sinatra, The Mob and JFk”

Five remakes better than the originals

1. A Star Is Born, 1954. (Remake of A Star Is Born, 1937) George Cukor took the original idea (young star is created by her creator, and becomes more successful as he becomes obsolete) and made it the saddest film in history, and a showcase for the powerhouse performance of Judy Garland, as well asContinue reading “Five remakes better than the originals”

Film review: Side Effects, farewell Soderburgh

There is a scene towards the end of Side Effects of such powerful sensuality that I regret not being able to describe further, for revealing too much about where the film is heading, nevertheless, it has enough twists and turns to make even the most eagle-eyed viewer question what they have seen. Steven Soderburgh hasContinue reading “Film review: Side Effects, farewell Soderburgh”

Dorothea Lange: Chronicler of the American Depression

Photo-realism is very hard to achieve these days, as nearly everyone is used to having their picture taken, but it used to be different. Look at these photos below: they are as real a depiction of the suffering and deprivation of the American depression as one is ever likely to see. They are also someContinue reading “Dorothea Lange: Chronicler of the American Depression”

Schoolgirl eroticism and the end of colonial rule in Australia: reiterating the brilliance of Picnic at Hanging Rock

Picnic at Hanging Rock could be given credit as being the first work of Australian cinema. It showed for the first time the process of leaving the English Empire, and the mysterious enigma of the Australian past, the Aboriginal dreamtime and the vast wilderness of the outback. What we see and what we seem areContinue reading “Schoolgirl eroticism and the end of colonial rule in Australia: reiterating the brilliance of Picnic at Hanging Rock”

Jack Johnson: The Great White Hope

Recently it occurred to me that there are few films that are made about black boxers. When We Were Kings doesn’t really count because it is a documentary. One film that tells the story of the world’s greatest prizefighter, until Ali, is The Great white Hope. Jack Johnson (1878-1946) was the unbdisputed champion, but he wasContinue reading “Jack Johnson: The Great White Hope”

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