Hooking-up with Lulu

The messaging app ‘We-chat’ is the number-one messaging app in China. As well as its ease of use, the app has a ton of great features. For example, using the ‘discover’ function allows you to find other users near you. As long as they have the feature turned on themselves, you can chat and add people who aren’t yet in your contacts list. Looking at the list of users will probably skew heavily towards one gender. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on the feature.

Recently, a Chinese girl living in London sent me a message through the function. We had a little back and forth and it looked like it was going nowhere. Then a month later I saw that she had accepted my ‘friend’ request’. Only a month after I sent it! We shared an exchange in which she asked me some basic questions, and I got the impression that it was going to be a text-only relationship, something which is frustratingly common when nobody has any interest in actually meeting up. But then she asked me if i wanted to come and see her, and could I bring a condom. I’m used to girls needing some persuasion in this area. Usually they want to meet up at least once or twice before anything sexual happens. Sometimes you have a great chemistry on the phone and then it all disappears once you finally meet up.

But Lulu was different. For a start, she was asking me to come to her place. Second. she was already telling me all kinds of things, like how wet she was getting, that her legs were already open. I couldn’t leave the house fast enough. Lulu’s house is about 40 minutes by public transport and I kept on texting her so that she wouldn’t cool down. Luckily she was so turned on that nothing was going to disrupt it. Sometimes, when girls get like this, nothing can change things.

Lulu lives in a secluded part of Queensway, not far from the tube station, just opposite from the old Whiteley’s Department store. I rang the buzzer and Lulu was able to let me in. She’d asked me if I wanted to be naked. and she was there to greet me in some sexy red underwear. she apologised for not wearing make-up (a very nice touch I thought). lulu led me straight into the bedroom, where she quickly got back under the covers. I threw off my coat, took off my shoes and socks, and slid in beside her. Straight away we were kissing each other and i let my hands wander across her body.

Asian girls have a way of getting right up close to you, and our bodies seemed to melt together. I enjoyed her sexy costume and decided to leave it on for a while. I was enjoying the feeling of her body pressing against me, as she was grinding against my jeans. I slipped my hands underneath her basque and gave her nipples a squeeze. her body was so slender; like amodel, and her breasts barely protruded from her chest. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy stroking, nibbling at them and seeing them harden and swell twice their normal size. I put my hand inside her panties to feel how wet she was. Lulu was completely shaved, and I slid one of my fingers inside to get her ready. This made her even more excited as she rocked herself back and forth frantically. i undid my trousers, slipped out of my boxers and her hands went to my cock. I wasn’t fully erect, something that sometimes happens when I’m with someone new.

Fuck me, fuck me harder! lulu was saying over and over. For a Chinese girl, she knew exactly what to say. I gave it to her as hard as I could. Meanwhile, Lulu was guiding my hand to her ass, over her buttocks and into her asscrack. I enjoyed stroking this most private area and was thrilled that she was offering herself to me so completley and without any reservations.

I was losing my erection at this point. I was so focused on keeping Lulu happy that I ignored my own pleasure. I pulled out, and decided it was time to try oral. Lulu had already asked if I liked oral, and I had told her that I did. It was time to put her pussy to the test. I carefully repositioned Lulu so that I could get a good access to her vagina. Lulu was completely shaved and I started to work my way down south. I made a few circulatory laps near her lower belly, the slightly raised area of skin where she had removed her pubic hair told me that I was getting near the good area. I had a really good close up of her vagina. Her lips were open like flower petals and i began to kiss and put my lips over them. when I am with the right girl I can really get carried away giving them oral pleasure. I like to play around the outer area before putting my tongue all the way in.

I have heard people say that Asian women taste so much better down there than other women. Since I seem to only have sex with Asian women, maybe I’m not qualified on this. But I can confirm that in this case it was definitely a gourmet experience. I spent a good five minutes enjoying eating out Lulu, if only to give myself a rest before the next round!

After a quick break and a shower I got back into bed. Lulu took my cock in my hand and preceeded to give me a handjob. It took me a little time to get hard, but Lulu persisted, She grabbed my balls and pulled with just enough pressure so that I started to become hard again. Lulu backed herself against me and allowed me to enter her from the side, which gave me an ample opportunity to stoke her ass, kiss her neck and breasts. I was just high on being in her company,wandering from place to place.

We had time for one more position and I finished things up with Lulu on top. This seemed to be the stance that gave her the most enjoyment and was how she came the first time. I let her have some deep sttrokes, and allowed my cock to pull out completely so that she got the full benefit of it. I could see that the condom was shiny with some of Lulu’s juices, I was in heaven feeling it glide in and out of her hot pussy. Lulu was still wailing for me to fuck her harder. It got too much and I came, warning her that I was coming. Lulu just carried on fucking me anyway. Soon she realised what had happened, and we stopped. I slightly regretted finishing too quickly but in the circumstances. I gave Lulu a big kiss before holding her in my arms for a couple of minutes.


Lulu was totally uninhibited, took great enjoyment in sex and was able to get the ball rolling. I’m sure if we had more time together we could have had an even wilder time. i have been a little wary of Chinese women in the past. They seem to be fairly hard to reach but now I’m having second thoughts. A year ago I would have said that Koreans are the best girls in Asia but i really don’t believe that now. The weChat app is a great way to get to know Chinese women and I now regularly use the ‘people near by’ function to get new aquantances. The fact that Lulu approached me first says a lot about the new attitudes of Asian women to sex and dating. I’m looking forward to meeting more women like her in the future.