British Airways Flight Review

British Airways Flight review Journey –  LHR to Manchester. I had a travel voucher from British Airways from a cancelled flight, so I decided to use it for a trip to Manchester. Rather than having to take the train, I wanted to try flying instead. I had booked through This allowed me the optionContinue reading “British Airways Flight Review”

She’s on a working holiday!

The joys of the Asian girl on a working holiday visa in UK Every year, some 2000 working holiday visas are granted to people aged up to 30 in some of the east Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan. The majority are here for enjoying a break from the often hectic lives theyContinue reading “She’s on a working holiday!”

Hanging with Terumi Kai

At just 150 cms and slight of build, Terumu Kai makes a very big impact in the city of HEraklion, Greece. It’s here that she set up her ‘Japanese Langauge Factory; and shehas been living in Greece for the last 6 years, first teaching in person, and then solely online to a hundred or soContinue reading “Hanging with Terumi Kai”