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Little horny Asians 2

A 2-disc set featuring clips from the horniest Asian babes in the business.

The DVD complies six scenes shot in the 2000s.

If you know Private you will already be familiar with the fact that they are famous for the best European smut around. However on this disc they show that they can do that for Asian women.  

Scene 1 is from the movie Ass Games.

Katsumi wears a leather ensemble like a biker girl, which I didn’t much care for but no matter because she gets out of it pretty quickly, as she starts sucking one guy’s cock as the other gets to work on her ass, lubricating it with his finger. Katsumi has shorter hair in this scene. I think the movie must be quite old.  Both guys proceed to deep throat Katsumi, allowing her to take their cocks all the way down. Next it’s penetration, which she takes from behind as she takes another mouthful of the guys cock.

The camera angles give a good view of her ass as she gets pounded, but the angles were a little low. The lighting was a bit weird too, as it was mainly from set lights, giving the scene an unnatural quality.  Katsumi’s ass gets penetrated at 15 minutes, it looked very dry and not particularly appealing. Katsumi is double penetrated in this one, and it finishes with her being covered in clear cum.Theres not enough of Katsumi in this one. I skipped it and you will too, unless you’re a big fan of Katsumi.

Scene 2 –  Cum.  Bamboo

Director: Marc Lelong

This is an outdoor, scene. It begins with bamboo lying outside. The outdoor location is cool. When a guy finds her he starts to caress her very erect nipples which are coming out of her loose white negligee. Soon she’s joined by a black guy who is then sucked off as the first man continues to penetrate her.  The scene is well shot – there’s a good mix of close up shots with panning of her delightful body. Bamboo is penetrated by both cocks whilst being held aloft – a scene that must have been challenging. It ends abruptly with the black guy cumming on her face as the white man follows afterwards.

Rating – 4 out of 5. I liked Bamboo’s body and the male studs were good.

Scene 3 Evil Geishas hotel – Lady May

Location: Barcelona

This one has a geisha theme even though model is Thai instead of Japanese.

Mis-casting aside, this one has some weird imagery at the start, with a man coming into a cube-like chamber where a man is dressed in a rabbit suit and masked. She gets undressed, revealing her toned athletic body. The guys get their cocks out. Lady May starts to finger herself. The men make some rough sexual noises, thankfully we don’t have to look at their faces as they keep their masks on. The good thing about Thai women is their bodies are always tanned, meaning that we don’t see a lot of blotchy pale skin on the camera. Even better is the fact that they don’t need to wear make up.

I loved May’s body but the set-up of the scene was off-putting.

Scene 4:  African temptation

Girl: Priva

The Thai beauty is at her tempting best in this romantic beach-set escapade next to the crystal clear sea. After an introduction involving finding a giant seashell, the couple move to the action on a beach towel they have laid on the sand.

Wearing a green bikini and sarong, Priva is hot. Actually, after this I don’t know why you would choose any woman but a Thai girl.  Priva’s body is sinful: erect nipples, perfectly shaped breasts and toned brown legs. She also makes the most erotic noises of any woman I have watched in porn.

There aren’t so many pussy shots here, mostly it’s her wonderful body that takes up most of the action.

I didn’t find the man so annoying in this one. Usually male actors in porn take the focus away from the woman but this gut is clearly as in awe of Priva as we are.

There are so many shots of Priva’s face, sucking the guy off, or just cumming and staring at the camera.

We get some close-ups of her lovely pussy as she is fucked on top. With her tight, firm tits erect and stiff t the top, the scene continues like this. As she comes. We get a great close-up of her ass being penetrated. Again, she is on top with the blue sky a perfect backdrop to the erotic happenings. With her legs stretched out, Priva looks resplendent, the guy in the background just an extra in the proceedings. The best moment is the close-up of Priva’s face as she demands, ‘Fuck me, fuck me!’ The guy continues to give it to her in her pretty anus.

The guy finishes the scene by spraying her pussy with milky spunk which Priva cleans off with her hands and then cleans off.

Rating: 5 out of 5  

Head to toe, Priva is stunning. She enjoys everything about sex and is a natural in front of the camera, this was the best scene in the movie. It was very well shot and would work well as a movie scene to watch with a partner.

scene 5 Delilah

cast – Kaylani Leiss

A couple scene with a guy about to get serious with his girlfriend. Before thet they have some fucking to do! Kaylani bends over on the bed, the guy makes her wet and licks her crack. She gets quite wet in this scene with a lot of cum and spit. Kaylani moans somewhat repetitively making the scene somewhat boring.  It ends with her taking a load to her stomach

Rating: 3 out of 5 for this average scene.

Big Titted Super Sluts

Mika Tan is an Asian star who for some reason is usually depicted as a dominatrix, as far as I can see this is because she is slightly more voluptuous than the typical Asian actresses. The scene begins with Mika pouting at the camera whilst smoking and wearing a leather outfit. It’s not sexy for me and I would have preferred her to have been wearing lingerie.  

Mika begins the scene with a pink butt plug fully inserted, a hint of things to come. writing on the sofa, she holds on ther legs as she is deep throated, she is penetrated in her pussy and gets off as both her holes are stimulated. The pink toy is removed, and sucked by  willing Mika like a child’s dummy.

Seeing her folds of fat as she lays back is a reminder that not all women in porn have perfect bodies – good on her. She has these awesome tits that hang low with fat nipples and a hairy pussy that you would love to stroke and then eat.

She hold her ass wide open as the juices run across the sofa.

She is ass-fucked for ten minutes, and the guy shoots his load in her gaping hole for the creamy finish.

Rating 4/5.

Mika is a great perfomer but she was a little too dirty for me in this scene.

Sugar Dating

Compensated dating; is it for you?

Seeking is the most popular ‘sugar dating’ site

The main thing to know about the dating scene is that when it comes to apps, things change very quickly. The apps of a few years ago aren’t necessariliy the ones people are currently using. Even the way we use dating apps has tended to shift as users find they want something else from them. If tinder was seen as a hook-up app ten years ago when it launched. It’s now likely to be used for relationships….in fact most female users on the app will state that they aren’t interested in casual dating. 

Such changes can be annoying. Whilst tinder seems to be the most popular dating app, it’s been challenged by Bumble and Hinge. I don’e really see much point in having either of these copycat apps, which result in the same issues of not bringing up quality matches for most men. 

The sites that I have found more appealing have come about due to the increading popularity of sugar dating, effectively paid dating but with some commitment to it so that it doesn’t feel totally transactional.

As strange as it may seem, some people are happy to give money for someone to date them. With ‘Seeking Arrangement’, you can search for users who are often looking for a male to give them a fincanical support, or just  a ‘pay per meet’, to use a common phrase. The common question girls ask is how much can you PPM, effectively money for them to meet you, and in most cases, sex is involved – the practical thing to do is to decline because these girls will ask for more money than an escort, and these tend to be the worst kind of girls out there.

The landing page of Seeking doesn’t mention paid dating, but it’s at the core of it’s activity.

Now there are people who would never want to do this. Then again, frustrated with the other apps which require a match before messaging, I find the directness of the sugar dating apps very refreshing. You can message girls whom you like straight away and be clear about your terms. Then it’s on to the date, and in most cases girls want to meet with you straight away. Try to arrange a meeting somewhere fun, and make sure they don’t ask you for some ridiculous amount of money just to meet you. The women I met were happy to meet for a date without asking for money. After that, if both of you like each other, you can make an arrangement to see them. Most girls in London will ask for an allowance, but you’ll only do that if you are sure about them. It could be something like £300, such a price means that you can only realistically do this if you are very rich. And if you are, what’s to stop you! You can have your pick of some of the best women out there. With tinder, you tend to find matches close to your age. But seeking lets you search for any age, and sugar dating tends to be for younger women and older men. 

A site with a similar modus operandi is What’s Your Price? The app allows you to make an offer for a first date, like placing a bid. It’s up to the girl to accept your offer, or ask for a higher price. The fun is waiting to hear back from them. The minimum bid is £5, going up to £500. Then when a bid is countered, you need to bid back at an increment of pounds. Sure, the women are likely to ask for more than you offer, but not always. You can even ask here to suggest the amount she would accept from you. You will get some outrageous requests, like women asking for £500 for a date! Fortunately, most women are more reasonable and will often accept your first offer. 

What I like about it is you can offer what you are willing to pay. Most guys can easily afford 20 or 30 pounds, and the money acts as an incentive. With luck, the girl will like you enough to want to meet you the next time for free, and you can look at the initial cost as an investment in their company. 

Girls can send requests for offers, and it’s up to you to accept or counter.

The site mentions that you only pay for the first date, and then you meet for free after that. It also doesn’t process any payments, instead making it clear that you pay them in cash, or transfer directly. Now it’s true that you could arrange to meet someone after they accept the amount and then refuse to pay. The problem is that would make you untrustworthy. The girls will expect you to pay what you offered them. It’s up to you to decide on what you think is a fair amount, and then take them on a date somewhere you know you can afford. By refusing to pay the girl the amount you offered, you have a chance that things will turn unpleasant, with the girl likely to accuse you of taking advantage of them. It will be hard for her to see you again after that, and that’s not what you want!

Where time is precious, the site allows people to find who they want with a lot less fuss and allows them to meet far sooner than if they had used the typical apps. This is the best outcome for everyone.

My birthday sex with high-class Asian escort

Stunning tight-pussy Chinese escort

We’re led to believe that Asian escorts are in high demand, and difficult to find.

Actually the truth is something different. If you seek any Asian escort and aren’t worried about the quality, you can find hundreds of women who meet that description. Unfortunately, most girls listed as a ‘23 year student from Japan’ are nothing of the kind. Most of my searches have led me on a wild goose chase as my efforts to find an Asian who matches the idea I have in my head have been frustrated by the cruel reality of a ‘bait and switch’, or a catfish in modern language.

When you search with a reputable escort agency, you realise that your options are fewer. At the top of the business, escorts may charge anything up to £600 per hour. In London, such prices are not unusual, and some girls will go even higher.  What you are getting is often not entirely clear, but you won’t have to spend that much for a satisfactory experience with a beautiful escort in London – usually it’s between 150 – 250 for one hour.

Haute escorts offers mostly European escorts, and seeing as it was my birthday in July, I looked through the website for someone whom I hoped could relieve my stress. As it’s the summertime, it seems that most of them are now on holiday. But after a phone call with the secretary of Haute Escorts, I was offered Erika. In actual fact, I hadn’t seen her offered on the website. When I made my initial browsing of the site, I hadn’t seen her profile listed. But since the woman I spoke to had ensured me that I would like someone petite, I felt sure that they were someone I could trust.

The details were relayed by text message and a time and location was fixed. Then we settled the price, and the agency explained that the total amount would cover the cost of the taxi to the hotel.

As I was getting closer to my appointment, I entertained ideas about my meeting with Erika. I still didn’t know her appearance…. As a rule, I like to know before I book a model. I dilly-dallied, before my curiosity led me to search for Erika, typing Erika Asian Haute escort, the search soon led me to a escorts page with a girl who matched her likeness. Soon, I was convinced that Erika was the girl I wanted to spend my time with, especially, as I was looking for someone that had the elegance and sexuality I was seeking.

For me, it’s not just enough that she is Asian. She needs to have the mindset and the personality to make the sexual encounter erotic, enjoyable, memorable. The pictures revelaed someone very busty, but with her face partially concealed. It was also hard to guage Erika’s age from the photos.. An old profile from four years ago listed her as being 24, which meant she would be in her late twenties now. She would therefore be an experienced escort, rather than a woman new to the scene. With age, you notice that some women become inured to the experience, but it’s always my hope that I can meet an escort who still finds the job pleasurable and has not become too cynical.

By Friday morning, I had re-confirmed with the agency that Erika would come to my hotel and I was just waiting to receive the room number. I should say that communications with Haute agency had been very positive and they made the experience very smooth from our first telephone call to the on-the-day meeting.

After a slight wait at the desk, I had checked in and got my room key-card from reception. I then let the agency know the number and it was a quick journey up to the room. I dumped the bags and was about to use the in-room kettle, when I heard a knock on the door. Usually, it’s a member of the hotel staff, or room service. But this time, the person standing in front of me was Erika. I had a quick look at her and led her into the room.

Erika was a lovely, pale-skinned Chinese women, possibly early thirties although no older than that.

The first thing I noticed was her extremely long hair which came below her waist. She was wearing a light summer dress with a light brown trench jacket and light brown men’s style shoes.  I was caught off guard temporarily by the fact that Erika was now here with me and it was about to begin, I hadn’t even thought of what I could say to her.

I had the money prepared in an envelope and then handed her the amount requested on the website. *

By this time, Erika had shrugged off her jacket which I hung up on one of the hangers in the wardrobe. By now I could see that she was very busty and her breasts were pushing out her dress. She gave me a full-on kiss although her tongue did not come out all the way. The next thing was to put her on the bed. Without any trouble, I removed her dress and let it fall to the floor. With my free hand I caressed her silky hair and enjoyed the luxurious feeling of it. I was feeling a variety of pleasant sensations that were almost overpowering, the most significant detail was having a sensual Asian woman alone with me and fully focused on pleasing me.

After kissing some more, I asked if I could lift her up and put her on the table night stand. Erika agreed, and as she is very light, I had no trouble lifting her up onto the counter.

She was wearing a tight black corset style bustier that kept her breasts mostly concealed. I had to pull them out and get a better look at them.

As a breast-lover, I’ve seen a lot of breasts in my time. I’m aware that Asian women aren’t the most endowed in this area, and I often feel somewhat short-changed if they aren’t. What I can see is that Erika had one of the most impressive chests I have ever seen. Light cream in colour with pink arealoe, they jutted out and sat perfectly outwards, her bodice had made slight indentations where it had pressed against her tits. I pulled the bodice down but I didn’t take it off completely, putting my hands between her legs and exploring her incredible upper body, gently kissing her nipples.

Erika made light moans and I took this as a sign to move her back on to the bed. I explained that I like to be dominant, but I also like to be dominated in return. She pulled on my nipples and then sucked and bit them, whilst I pulled down on her hair and felt my way down to her lower body.

Erika is a gentle, very light girl who is here to please. Unlike some Chinese escorts, she is very graceful and polite. Hence why she is a high-class escort rather than a 60 pound an hour girl on a vivastreet ad; when you spend more money, you can really see the difference. Another rarity for an Asian SW is her English speaking ability. Erika’s high level of English denotes an educated woman who no doubt has many qualifications and could easily have a professional career on the side. I will say that her fluent English also makes it far simpler to discuss matters related to sex and there is no chance of anything being ‘lost in translation’.

She asked to see my cock and then pulled my trousers down and released it from my briefs. Despite Erika’s dazzling body, I was not fully erect (something I put down to the heat in the room more than anything else). She went straight for a blowjob, making a firm seal with her mouth until I was fully hard. She continued for a good five minutes and then she moved to find a condom which she quickly rolled on my engorged penis.

I had a close look at Erika’s vagina. It was pale, like the rest of her body, and completely shaved, not even a trace of stubble anywhere. I then placed a middle finger at the entrance of her pussy but she insisted that I only touch the outside, I was a little disappointed.

I then asked if she would mind that I suck her toes – a fetish of mine – and she agreed. I was delighted by this and I jammed her feet into her mouth – she is a size 4 so this wasn’t difficult.

With Erika moaning more, I wanted to get it in, but I wasn’t fully erect, so she sucked me off again. As I grew hard, she put a condom on and entered her, but I couldn’t get the right angle and Erika needed to guide me inside. I was slightly worried at this point as it can be very frustrating for both the woman and myself when my dick is only partially erect.

I tried to get on top of her but I was feeling too sweaty in this position. We went back to the table and I stood up behind Erika in front the mirror – I should have used it sooner! It was great to see Erika’s magnificent breasts in front of me and the reflection of her serene face. Finally, I was fully hard.

We went back on the bed and moved her legs apart for doggy-style. I plunged into her and gave her several hard thrusts. The sound of her light orgasmic moans nearly made me cum but I stopped myself and moved her on to her back. I was able to get deeper this way and listened to Erika’s feminine cries of passion. Her legs are slim enough to be placed on my shoulders, as I was about to cum, I did something I normally never do.

The cum-shot in porn is usually directed on the face or chest, and I knew it had to be on Erika’s tits. Soon, I could feel my orgasm pulsing, so I flicked off the condom and let my cum flood out over her body. The cum shot across her right breast and the sounds of Erika’s surprise made me ECSTATIC. It was much more semen than I can normally produce in a solo session, which I put down to Erika’s skills and my overall horniness at being deprived of such a woman in my life.

The main part of our time was nearly over, but I wanted to experience a massage, and Erika gave me one (although she didn’t have any oil). I would have loved a happy ending, but I was in detumescence, so I let her continue the massage and returned the favour to her, which she very much enjoyed.

I asked her a little about her personal experiences of men and how long they normally last. Perhaps I could have asked if she enjoys it, but I didn’t venture this question.

A knock on the door sent Erika under the covers, but it was room service delivering a birthday dessert.

We shared the chocolate mousse together, and the conversation moved to her work and her general life. I was and still am intrigued to learn more about Erika and what drives her to do this work. I would also enjoy learning about her intimate desires and what she enjoys doing sexually. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Erika, her delightful personality and natural warmth makes her easy to love. We talked a little about her life and whether she can have a relationship. Like everyone, this is not easy to achieve, and much harder for an escort.  I am looking forward to getting to know Erika more – and on our next session I intend to do exactly that.

Date of booking: Friday, 9th July

Place: London Kensignotn Hilton.

*Erika’s price is £150 an hour. £200 for an outcall which included taxi fare. If you have an incall, you never know exactly what time the girl will be ready. There are pros and cons to both.