‘An Alan Smithee film’

Some films which have been directed by ‘Alan Smithee’ (ie, those which the director asked his name to be removed from). Death of a Gunfighter  (Don Siegel, Robert Totten) 67 Fade In (d Jud Taylor) 68. City in Fear (d Jud Taylor) Fun and Games (Paul Bogart) Moonlight (d Jackie Cooper, Rod Holcomb). Stitches  (dContinue reading “‘An Alan Smithee film’”

Corey Monteith (1982 -2013)

No! That was Mark Salling’s tweet on hearing of the passing of his co-star and friend of Glee. I think everybody had a similar reaction. Although it was reported that Monteith had missed the last three episodes of season 4 due to going into rehab, there was every hope that he would recover and rejoinContinue reading “Corey Monteith (1982 -2013)”

Edward Snowden: a man without a country trapped in a bureaucratic no-man’s land

The latest turn in the increasingly kafka-esque saga of NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden is that he is hidden somewhere in Moscow’s Sheremotyo’s Terminal E, according to the Financial Times:  ‘With a design style reminiscent of the Startship Enterprise crossed with  dentist’s waiting room, the hotel offers clean towel and a standard shower to long-haul travellersContinue reading “Edward Snowden: a man without a country trapped in a bureaucratic no-man’s land”