Diary of a romance part 7

I’ve been single and I’ve been in a relationship. I’m a different person when I’m with Miho. For example: If I watch a film by myself and I don’t like it after the first 15 minutes, I tend to stop watching. But when we watch films together, we tend to watch them right through toContinue reading “Diary of a romance part 7”

People aren’t as friendly as you think they are

And here’s why…. They say that they’re your friend but they’re never there in an emergency or when you really need them. They are constantly asking for favours but are never able to return the favour If you try to meet them somewhere they expect you to go along with whatever they have got plannedContinue reading “People aren’t as friendly as you think they are”

K-Pop review: Ailee + Vivid

Let’s start with the packaging: all Korean CDs come packaged in lavish cardboard folders that are closer to hard back books than the standard plastic jewel cases used by Western manufacturers. This one is no exception: the cd comes in a hard book with several glossy photos of Ailee looking very seductive. The CD itselfContinue reading “K-Pop review: Ailee + Vivid”

Journey to Conversational fluency: e-book review

The founder of the blog Dedicated Polyglot has published an ebook in which she explains how using non-traditional methods of language learning can be more effective than textbooks and formal lessons. Her book starts with the idea that learning a language is more about experiencing a country’s culture than simply learning grammar and sentence structure.Continue reading “Journey to Conversational fluency: e-book review”

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