Five great Girl’s Generation songs

If you’re not already loving this great 8-piece girl group from Korea then you damn well should be. For the uninitiated, here are five great songs to start off with: ‘Gee’   The one that got things going in a really big way. If you sing just a few bars of this song to anyoneContinue reading “Five great Girl’s Generation songs”

Diary of a Romance Part 5

I used to be alone but now I’m not. That has been the single biggest change in my life since meeting Miho. It’s surprising that people don’t talk about loneliness much. Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean you are lonely. There are times when I enjoy being by myself and times when I need to haveContinue reading “Diary of a Romance Part 5”

Diary of a Romance, part 4

I’ve decided that there’s no better time to be with someone than during Winter. If you’re alone during this time it can be really terrible. Not only do you have to face Christmas by yourself but a few weeks later you have Valentine’s Day too. During the cold months, you want to spend your timeContinue reading “Diary of a Romance, part 4”

Diary of a Romance Part 3

Its amazing how many things you start to be come aware of when you start seeing someone. Like the cleanliness of your bedroom. If its just gonna be me in there, I don’t bother keeping it clean. I let clothes pile up in messy piles; books and paper clutter themselves on the floor. I getContinue reading “Diary of a Romance Part 3”