John Travolta and why those gay rumours just won’t stop

Every time i put the name of a Hollywood star or famous musician into Google it fills in my search with gay. It doesn’t matter how seemingly straight whoever the person in question might be. It appears that we can’t help but be fascinated by the sexuality of famous people. This week’s famous un-outed but probably gay actor is John Travolta. Lets start by having a look at some of the film’s he’s famous for making: Saturday Night Fever, a disco film about a working class Italian who competes in dance contests in nightclubs. So far so camp. Grease, the most over the top, stupid and annoying musical, with tight clothes and quiffed hair, and homoerotic dance routines with pumped up yoing men wearing leather. Admittedly Travolta played in Pulp Fiction with Samuel Jackson as a pair of hitmen, but his character didn’t dare make a move on Uma Thurman.

So what does Travolta do outside of acting? well apart from being a member of Tom Cruise’s favourite religious cult  (and Cruise himself no stranger to gay rumors) Travolta is known as being a professional pilot. This is where the allegations have been coming in thick and fast. Travolta has recently been sued by a former pilot who claims that Travolta had an affair with him. In response, lawyers working for Travolta have threatened  to sue Gottterba, claiming he had signed a confidentiality agreement that forbids disclosing information to the press.

To be fair, the alleged affair took place between 1981 and 1992, the year that Travolta married actress Kelly Preston. Since that time Gotterba has not had any contact with the actor.

There were further allegations this last year. 

In May, two masseurs — known to the public as John Doe #1 and John Doe #2 — and a cruise worker named Fabian Zanzi, sued Travolta over accusations of improper sexual behaviour. Both cases were dropped. It was made clear that in the case of John Doe #1 the incident had taken place in a location where Travolta had not been present the day it was alleged to have taken place. Most probably the allegations of Gotterba, a nobody, will be dismissed in the same fashion. Still, as long as their are workers who have an axe to grind against their former employer, the rumours will continue to flourish. and the last word on Travolta is that according to Carrie Fisher she has always known that the star is gay and should come out and say it.


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