My films of the year

Becuase of the mad rush that is the pre-awards season, most of the best films are now released between November and early January to maximise awards potential.

Still, by all accounts it’s been a great year for films. Here are some of the best:

Ex Machina


Alex Garland’s elegant sci-fi thriller was structured like a novel and made a massive star out of Alice Vikander. The robot who may have human feelings and thoughts is the most intriguing movie cyborg yet.

Inside Out


Pixar continued their excellent run of hits with this incredible insight into a child’s mind. Riley’s emotions play out as she struggles to cope with a move away from home and a new school. The film delighted more adults than children and made this reviewer feel wonderfully happy.



Todd Haynes subtle understated love story was delicate and restrained like the costumes of its stars Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett. Yes, the film may not have been as dramatic as one might have hoped. But could the performances have been improved on? No chance.



Many critics loved this one. Saorsie Ronan lit up the screen as a young Irish woman faced with the decision to move out of her home in Ireland to New York. The girl is Ellis  Lacey and thinking about this character brings up a lump in my throat. Credit must also go to Nick Hornby for adapting Colm Tobin’s novel so skilfully for the screen.

Steve Jobs


Amidst the massive franchise hits such as Star Wars and James Bond, this one was almost overlooked (perhaps this will be rectified come January). Michael Fassbender gave a startling performance as the head of Apple. Special mention to Kate Winslet as his put upon assistant and the very underused Kate Waterston as his mistreated wife.

And yet there are more to come, including The Hateful Eight (Tarantino); Joy (David O Russell) and Spotlight. Truly a great year at the movies.

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