“Experience Hong Kong on a Budget: The Best Youth Hostels to Stay In”

There’s no doubting the fact that Hong Kong is a difficult city for the budget traveller. Most hotels offer very high room rates and room sizes are much smaller than you would normally receive in other cites.

Yet Hong Kong has so much variety. the city is home to several youth hostels situated across the island. The hostels I stayed in were all a part of the YHA organization, and you can have a sense of security knowing that they will have to meet basic standards of accommodation.

You might not imagine there being many rural youth hostels in Hong Kong. or hostels in general. but the city is home to many youth hostels. the most famous is in SHAM SHUI PO. The site is a former social housing block that was renovated to make the current building that houses the youth hostel. Part of the building has been given over to a museum which documents the history of the city when the street housing caught fire. it was the Mei Ho House that was built to house some of the residents who had lost their homes in the fire that left 30,000 people homeless.

the other prominent hostel is located on the city’s Lantau island. most of it is is rural, and you will see the Buddha Statue at the bottom. Although the hostel is basic, there are advantages to staying in this location. For a start, there are several barbecue points dotted in the outside area, which are ideal for warm and dry weather. the bedrooms are basic, but when you are staying here you find that this is all you need.

perhaps another ideal rural hostel is located close to Kennedy Town, the furthest point in Hong Kong Island. The Jockey Club in Mount Davis is reached up a steep climb along a mountain path. Once you reach the top you are afforded incredible three-sixty views of the city. Although there was heavy rain the weekend I stayed at Mount Davis, I appreciated being in the sturdy accommodation that was clearly designed for all weathers, and may even have been designed to withstand bombing.

The final hostel I want to point out to you is the Bradbury Jockey Club. the hostel is at Tai Po close to Plover Cove Reservoir. With the interior painted in bright yellow, it s a very colourful place. With it’s nearby outdoor sports area, it’s like Friday the thirteenth , but without all the killing.
it’s worth noting that the country hotels in Hong Kong often include kitchens where you can prepare food on the hotplates. there are not many places to buy food, so If you are staying here it would be ideal if you come with some supplies.

Booking the youth Hostels.
All hostels mentioned in this article can be booked through booking platforms such as Booking.com , but if you use the Youth hostel Association website you can choose which dorms to stay in, you have the convenience of contacting the hostel directly when you book. it’s also possible to book at a discounted rate by selecting the members’ discount.

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