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  • Flying London to Bangkok with Scoot

    Flight LGW to Bangkok Airline: Scoot Earlier this year, Low-cost airline Scoot announced that they would start flying to Bangkok direct from Gatwick, the first time that the carrier has made such a long-haul flight leaving from a London airport.  You can now fly to Thailand from the South Terminal, avoiding the chaos, delays and […]

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  • WMAF


    How to have a WMAF relationship (and not be creepy) The best thIng ABOUT WMAF relationships is that each party is trying something new – learning about each other’s respective cultures. All this can mean that it’s possible to be carried away by the  sheer novelty of it.  Many WMAF couples become so enraptured with each […]

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  • Together again.

    Gare Du Nord Station, Paris. A WMAF couple meet again after a year apart at the busy Paris train station this July.

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  • How to have the perfect WMAF relationship

    How to have the perfect WMAF relationship

    How to have the perfect WMAF relationship Having a relationship with a young Asian woman is the target for most single white men. If you are a man taken aback by the bewildering number of women pursuing alternative lifestyles (lesbianism, gender non-conformity) you will be pleased to know that most Asian women are still very […]

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