2nd Scandal threatens to engulf South Korean President

You may not have heard about this unless you have been following the Korean news online. You certainly wouldn’t find anything about it in the crap blogs that think the only interesting things going on in Korea are k-pop and couple t-shirts.

But this is really worth paying attention to. It concerns Geun-Hye’s advisor,Choi Soon-gil, who is said to have had access to private documents since the start of her presidency. The Presdient has apologised:

“Regardless of the reasons involved, I am sorry that (the scandal) has caused national concerns,” Park said. “I deeply apologize to the people.”


But the scandal continues. Ever since Park became President she has provoked a backlash against her increasingly right wing politics. But people have finally had enough. The affair, known as ‘Choi Soon-sil gate;’, concerns the woman who has had access to all the President’s information including speeches she has made; and the woman’s daughter. It has assailed the President and has seen her approval rating plummet to her lowest level for the second week running.

The accusations are that Park set up two non-for profit organisations that became her personal piggy bank. The other scandal concerns Yoo-ra Chung, Choi’s daughter. the dressage athlete attended Ehwa university and passed all her exams. The catch? She never sat any exams. As a result, the Dean of the college sat down, the first time this has happened in its 150 year history. Yoo-ra and her mother have been living in Germany where Korean journalists are still tracking their whereabouts.This picture shows a group of student protesters showing their anger at the scandal:

K2016102300158-800.jpgSource: Korea Times

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