Professor Robert Kelly’s news interview becomes an internet sensation

1 week ago, Robert Kelly was living a fairly anonymous existence.

I guess few people knew anything about him.

This was until an unexpected incident involving his two kids and an unlocked door.

in the interview Kelly was responding to some serious questions about the possibility of a shift in North Korean relations when the door wis opened and his young daughter comes into the room. He tries to push her away but moments later another toddler interrupts him, and then his wife enters looking shocked and quickly shoos the children out of the room.

The clip has been watched an astonishing 1 million times on Youtube. All very harmless and un-objectionable you might think. But what happened next reveals some slightly unpleasant facts in people’s attitudes to  inter-racial relationships.

You can see clearly from the video that the woman is most likely to be the kids’ mother form the fact that she is confident enough to forcefully drag them out of the room. Yet it seems that many people assumed for whatever reason that she was simply a nanny, I guess because what else would an Asian woman in that situation be?

Then there have been some accusations of bad parenting levelled at the dad, for not allowing the children some time on camera, and secondly, suggestions that the mother should have kept a closer watch on the children in the first place.

Then there were people who have something against the parents for being a different race, as thought that were a particular crime.

It all goes to show that you can never get it right. You just have to do the best that you can.


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