The battle between men and women in South Korea

The latest rounds have been fired in the battle of the sexes. Far from being a land of calm, South Korea is currently undergoing a gender war.

it was an innocuous t-shirt that lit the fuse for the recent conflagration. When a voice actress for a video game tweeted a picture of herself wearing a t-shirt reading ‘Girls do not need a Prince’ it led to complaints from men who considered it anti-male. Whilst the actress received support from the country’s women’s groups, the game company saw differently. Nexon, the company that produced the game, decided to replace her voice with another actress.


So much for supporting female equality. It’s part of a wider problem when women in South Korea, which has one of the lowest scores for women in the developed world.

Whilst the feminist group Megalia has drawn criticism from some who consider it ant-men, the men’s groups have not helped the cause with largely misogynist rhetoric and some hateful slogans online.

Whilst women continue to make gains in all areas of society, it seems that there are many men who want to do all they can to reverse these advances.

if there was any substance to the men’s rights groups, it might be different. But from what i’ve seen, it’s all just noise. What ever the problems in South Korea (lack of jobs, a stalling economy) they effect men and women in the same way. All the anti-men and anti-women arguments simply pull men and women further apart, and that’s what’s really sad.

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