One Summer I….

One summer I went swimming in the river with my best friend. We left our clothes underneath a railway bridge. They were covered with mud when we got back.

One summer I managed to find out where the girl I had a crush on lived. I went to her house and we played old computer games. I can’t remember what they were called. I didn’t see her again.

One summer one of our goats gave birth to kids. I missed it because I was at the cinema watching Batman Forever. When I came home there were three new born kids. The dog ate the placenta.

One summer I thought about what I wanted for Christmas and wrote a list. It was July.

One summer I tried Sainsbury’s Classic cola. I couldn’t see what the fuss was all about.

One summer I delivered newspapers in the afternoon. It was very hot and one old woman invited me inside for a glass of orange juice.

One summer I tried to masturbate. I sat in a room for ages but nothing happened.

One summer I went fishing with my friend. We used my father’s fishing rod and bought bait from the local store. I caught a big fish and tried my first cigarette.

One summer I learnt my lines for the part of Friar Laurence in Romeo and Juliet. I liked the girl who played Juliet but my friend was Romeo so they got together instead of her and me.

One summer I stayed in my room watching Nightmare on Elm Street and all the other films I wanted to watch when I was too young to see them.

One summer we went on a family holiday to Scotland, it was very cold. I wanted to go to Italy instead.

One summer I went inside my sister’s bedroom. I went through her stuff and she was angry with me.

One summer I tried sailing, but the boat wasn’t big enough. I sat on shore instead drinking rum and coke.

One summer I played Michael Jasckson albums all day. I had posters on my bedroom wall and two of his music videos.

One summer a friend’s brother went to see Madonna in concert on the Girlie Tour. I couldn’t believe that someone so famous would actually come to the UK. I thought Madonna was sexy, it was at the time when Rain was released. I had that song on cassette.

One summer I found £20 in town. Me and my friend went to the burger bar for chips and a milkshake. I can’t remember what I spent the rest of the money on.

One summer I put sachets of tomato ketchup under the wheels of my mum’s parked car. When she drove off they splattered on the ground.

One summer we got an old apple press from our grandparents. We spent days pressing them to make juice.

One summer the post office was robbed. It made the national news.

One summer I made a bow and arrow and fired it at my younger sister.

One summer I went to school for extra lessons. I had to repeat my History paper because I had glandular fever when it was set.

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