Diary of a romance

I first saw Miho at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon inside a Starbucks cafe. She was sitting alone on one of the high tables reading on a kindle. I glanced over at the text and I noticed that it was in Japanese. I asked her if she was Japanese and she replied that she was. We spoke a bit about various things and I found it very easy to talk to her and I felt that she was a very warm person.

A half hour later I asked if she would like to have a drink with me. I was expecting her to say no but she agreed to go somewhere there and then. I bought her two glasses of cider and we sat down across each other at a table. After more talking I felt that I already liked her so I asked if she would like to eat something. We went to a restaurant a few doors down. The restaurant was called Lime and Thyme. Milo ordered Margherita pizza which impressed me because its my favourite pizza topping too. I ordered two glasses of wine, making sure not to order the cheapest but to get wine that might actually taste of something.

I also ordered tiramusu which we shared, and two double espressos which we drank black. Miho excused herself to use the bathroom, at which point I asked the waiter for the bill. Normally I don’t like paying the cheque all by myself but I was so happy to be spending time with Miho that I didn’t mind. I also wanted to make things as easy as possible.

I took Miho’s number down in my phone when we were outside the restaurant because I knew that I wanted to see her again. We texted each other the same night and I had a good feeling about things. Throughout the week we texted each other almost daily. I made a plan for Miho to come to my flat to watch some Korean soap operas, which Miho had already told me she was keen on.

Miho met me on Friday just after 8, just after I finished work. I met her in McDonalds where she was sitting at a table, reading the same text on her Kindle. We went to a Korean supermarket because I was hungry. Miho paid for the ramen and a pack of choco-pies.

Miho cooked the ramen and I watched her as she carefully cooked the long thin strands of noodles and dissolved the spice powder. Miho’s long hair was tied back and she was wearing black jeans and a denim shirt. I opened a bottle of Italian wine and gave her a glass. We watched two back to back episodes of The Heirs, a Korean soap about sons of rich families living in America. I enjoyed sitting close to Miho and I casually touched her arm occasionally.

I felt quite tired around 1o pm so I suggested we finsih for the evening. Miho walked with me to the station but there was a 20 minute wait for a train. So in the end we had a drink and Miho took the bus home. I was actually a little disappointed that we hadn’t kissed at this stage. I asked if she wanted to meet again on Saturday and she agreed. This time, rather than staying in, we would watch a film at the cinema.

Saturday 22 January

I met Miho outside a Starbucks cafe but we didn’t drink in. It was very noisy and there was nowhere to sit.. I was feeling a bit nervous as we waited for the film to start. I was thinking a lot about kissing Miho. I was thinking about how I would kiss her and where it would happen. We watched the film and held hands throughout but no more. I had actually had a minor crisis earlier in deciding which film to watch. The choice was between Hateful 8 and an indie film called Room. In the end, I went with Room, because it was about a child and I knew that Miho, as a Nursery school teacher, would find it interesting.

Even though the film was depressing and not super exciting, Miho enjoyed it. I took Miho to one of my favourite restaurants in my town. I’ve been there several times, but often on my own. It was great to go there with Miho. We ordered three dishesand shared them together. Miho ordered chewy chilli noodles which were super tasty.

Miho came back to my flat again. We watched episode 18 of the Heirs. I poured her more wine. Half way through the episode I felt a sudden urge to take hold of Miho and kiss her. I pulled her towards me and kissed her on the lips but no tongues. I waited until the programme had ended. This time Miho kissed me back and it was full on kissing. My body relaxed and I felt intense feelings of relief and happiness spread over me. Miho kissed me for a long time as we sat silently on the sofa. She actually seemed to be pulling me closer and her mouth felt very hot. Miho kissed my neck and caressed me.

I didn’t want to say goodbye to Miho because I knew I would be sad to see her go. Instead I asked her if she would like to stay over and go back to her flat in the morning. Miho agreed and I led her to my bedroom, which was semi clean, although not as much as I would have liked. Miho kept her clothes on in bed but we continued kissing as passionately as before. Miho was wearing a soft long sleeve t-shirt, dark green. I shifted it with my hand and felt the indentations of her delicate rib cage.

We didn’t sleep too well because we could hear the traffic moving outside. Miho kissed me more and I pulled her close to me. I could make out her face in the dark  and her lovely silky hair; she looked different than how she looked in the daylight, more erotic and sensual.

I realised that I had misjudged Miho when I first saw her.  I thought she was very shy and conservative, not the kind of girl to kiss this way. Miho is actually a much better kisser than most of the more overtly sexy girls I have been with.

I got up early to make Miho breakfast and so that she could continue aleeping. By the time i had it all ready, Miho was sitting on the bed, fully dressed and combing her hair. We drank green tea and avocado on toast which I had managed to stretch out from half an avocado! I had some plans that day, as it had been my nephew’s birthday in the week. So I had to say goodbye to Miho after we had taken the bus together to Raynes Park.

Miho showed me where she lived.  I said goodbye and went to the train station.

That day, I thought a lot about Miho a lot. She appeared in my mind several times as though I was thinking about her without really trying to thinking about her. My sister asked me what I had done that morning and I replied (truthfully for once) that I had spent the morning with Miho and had just said goodbye to her in the morning. My sister asked wherever Miho was my girlfriend and I replied possibly, meaning that she wasn’t at that moment, but I hoped that one day she would be.

Monday 25/01/16

I spoke to Miho several times on various matters, such as her work, what she had been doing and so on. Miho asked me about my day in turn and what I had been doing, whether my day had been hard or not.

Wednesday 27th

I discussed the possibility of Miho coming over to my flat to cook something with me. This would give us an opportunity to relax and share the enjoyment of cooking together. I have cooked for girls on some occasions, but not actually cooked a while meal with a woman. The idea appeals a lot to me. Miho has agreed to come over!

Thursday 28th

I  have asked my father if Miho would be able to come with us to the Tate Modern on Sunday for an exhibition. Although I had planned on meeting my Dad alone, I thought it would be good idea for my dad to meet Miho on this occasion, since it would give my Dad time to get to know her. To this date, my dad had only met with one of my girlfriends. I Mention it to Miho, specifically pointing out that my Dad would be there too, but would she like to come with me? I did feel slightly unsure about the whole parent thing at this stage but Miho said she would like to come and that she liked the Tate Modern.

I reminded her that the plan for Saturday was still on the table so to speak. I didn’t want her to feel that it had been overturned. I also explained that I would be too tired for karaoke on Friday (we had made a tentative plan earlier on in the week to go to Karaoke, even though I hate Karaoke).

Friday 29th

I wanted to talk about Miho so I brought her up with one of the part time teachers at work. I didn’t feel in any way comfortable talking to any of the female staff. It felt good to talk about her and I explained briefly how we had met each other.

Friday 29th evening

I texted Miho to find out what time she would be able to meet me on Saturday. Miho teaches Japanese school on Saturdays. Miho told me that she had the day off so I texted her to ask her what time she would be able to meet me.  I didn’t want to feel I was pressuring her to commit to a particular time. I actually regretted sending the text, it probably would have been easier to have asked her in the morning what time she would be able to meet me. Casual is always the best way. I’m a very organised person so timings and structure are important to me. I like to know exactly when things are going to happen so I can prepare properly.

I thought about which foods to cook with Miho. I thought about fish, because she is Japanese. It has the advantage of being easy to cook and very cook, but then again it can dry out quickly. We mentioned Shabu Shabu, which I’ve never tried before.. Its actually very easy to cook but I’vec never made it before. So maybe we will make that together. There’s a Korean supermarket next to my house which sells it ready sliced. If its Shabu Shabu that we are making I will need to have everything ready in advance.

Friday 29th evening (update)

Miho has texted saying she has plans in the morning but she is free after that. I shouldn’t put questions in a text. It makes me feel nervous waiting for an answer and when I don’t get one straight away I assume that something has gone wrong. Stupid I know, however this is how most people think. Although I hate the uncertainty of waiting for a text response, I frequently make other people wait.

We are now meeting at 1 o’clock (in New Malden). It’s good for me. We will go shopping for the ingredients together. I have the essentials at home but not enough for a particularly elaborate meal.

On a side note, I haven’t heard from my father anything about whether he mindsif Miho comes along. He’s very slow at responding to any of my texts.

I’ve arranged for one of my friends to come over to see me tomorrow as well. He must have some questions in his head and I know that a meeting with Miho is going to put them to rest. Plus, I do enjoy seeing others see me with her and I want to see them seeing her with me (if that makes sense).



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