Diary of a Romance Part 2

Saturday 30th January

Miho came to meet me as planned yesterday. We met inside McDonalds again, its a convenient meeting point as its near my flat. As we had already planned to cook something together, we went to a Korean supermarket to buy some ingredients for our lunch. I explained to Miho that I already had the basics like rice and vegetables but I didn’t have any meat or anything special. Miho selected some ready sliced pork ribs and I got some tofu too. We also bought some tokkbokki (Korean rice cakes) and some spicy sauce to go with them. The total amount for this food came to 6 pounds.

That shows that you don’t need to spend much to enjoy a good meal. It helps if you know how to cook.

We went back to mine and I checked that the Kitchen was empty. then I made sure that all the surfaces were wiped and ready for cooking. Its important to have clean surfaces if you are going to cook something. I showed Miho some pans that she could use and we got started. We boiled water for the tokkboki and in  another pan I fired the pieces of pork in oil. While we waited for it to cook I opened a bag of shimp which Miho had selected earlier in the store.

We needed rice so I asked Miho to prepare a serving which she did very ably. normally  whenever I cook rice It turns out either to soggy or too light but Miho made sure it was light and fluffy. We were nearly ready to eat when my flatmate came down to use the Kitchen. I was a little apprehensive about this and I was worried that he would get in the way. In the end, Miho gave him all of the tokkbokki to eat, inspite of the fact that it was supposed to be an appetiser for ourselves before the rest of our food.

Luckily he didn’t stick around to eat it but took it upstairs to his room. we got sat down to eat at last. The pork rib soup that I had made tasted delicious and iho really enjoyed it. We were joined by antother flatmate who came down to make something.

I wasn’t actually annoyed by this and it was a pleasant diversion too. By the time we finished eating I was ready to move on with the plans. I told Miho that we would watch a film together and I that I had chosen an old one. father of the Bride is a 1948 black and white comedy directed by Vincent Minelli. the humour stands up pretty well despite its age and Spencer Tracy is really funny in it.

When the movie was over we started kissing again and things got very hot and heavy. Although i wanted to have sex with Miho, a part of me wanted to wait a little longer. It was hard to communicate this feeling. However, we ended up going upstairs and we did have sex. I left the light on and I saw Miho’s naked body for the first time. She has lovely brown skin and dark brown nipples. Her hips jut out and her arms are very slender.

as usually happens after sex I felt very tired so we slumbered in bed together. I don’t heat the room very often so it felt very cold. Miho wrapped herself around me and I felt very warm. This was about 7pm. Eventually we fell asleep.

Sunday morning

I have a routine every Sunday that I always try and stick to. I make breakfast and coffee and then watch the Andrew Marr tv show at 9am. Then I go swimming in the local pool for up to an hour. Of course, it was different with Miho there. I got out of bed and made some coffee.

I think its nice to have something special prepared when you are making someone breakfast. I didn’t have time to make anything from scratch. Luckily, I had made some pancakes the previous Sunday and I froze them. I took them out of the freexr and fried up several of them,  serving them with maple syrup. I think breakfast should ideally be something warm and sweet (in this respect, pancakes are perfect, especially if you have a sweet tooth). I also cut some avocado and toasted some wholemeal bread. When it was finished Miho asked if I was going swimming. I hadn’t thought about it but Miho said it would be ok. So whilst I went swimming Moho washed the dishes and washed tv. It was a great situation for me. I normally forget about my washing up and annoy my flatmates but Miho made sure this wasn’t a problem. So I got to have my swim anyway.

Sunday afternoon

We took the train up to London Waterloo en route to the Tate Modern. We missed one train so waited 10 minutes for the next one. We had some time to kill at the station so we browsed through some recipe books in Foyles together. Then we walked over to the Gallery. Its 15 minutes from the station. but instead of rushing like I normally do I purposely walked slowly and pointed out some sights along the way, like Shakespeare’s Globe and the Oxo Tower.

We met my Dad and walked to the Calder exhibition. I don’t find meeting my Dad particularly comfortable but Miho took the heat off the situation just by being there and answering some of the questions that would normally be directed towards me.

we walked to lunch in Borough High Street. There’s a Turkish restaurant called Tas that my father goes to whenever he is London. It’s not my taste but to be honest I knew that there was no point trying to suggest anywhere different, my Dad already had his mind made up. So it was Tas that we went to. I had actually suggested another restaurant in the area that I wanted to go to, alas, my Dad told me that it was closed. I have since checked online and the restaurant was actually open. This is proof that my Dad doesn’t know what he is talking about.

There is nothing particularly bad about Tas but nothing outstanding either. You usually order sharing plates rather than main courses. This means that you get several plates of things you aren’t really keen on and then one or two dishes that you like, but you can’t have much of them because you are sharing. We ate several of these plates and ordered some coffee. It was time to go home. I had a typical Sunday feeling as we waited for the train. I thought I would be saying goodbye to Miho that day and that I wouldn’t be seeing her for a while.

So to banish these gloomy feelings I asked Miho to come back with me. We had started watching a Japanese film called the Girl Who Leapt Through Time, so we finished watching that. When the film was over I kissed Miho, but I didn’t  take her upstairs straightaway. Instead I poured some wine and we sat and drank it together.


For some reason, I am drinking a lot of Italian red wine at the moment, so whenever I am with Miho we drink it. I put the radio on in the backgroynd. Miho talked freely and easily and I listened. Then I asked Miho to come upstairs and she did so. It was some good sex. I didn’t want Miho to fall asleep, so I turned the light back on and asked her to gave me a massage. It went very well as Miho is a trained masseuse. She spent half an hour massing my shoulders, back and legs. I have very tight hamstrings so Miho paid particular attention to them. I felt completely renewed afterwards, better than I had felt in a long time.

It was time for Miho to catch the bus to go home. I expected to feel sad to say goodbye but I felt very hopeful an happy. It had been a wonderful weekend and I knew that we would be seeing each other again very soon.

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