Five great Girl’s Generation songs

If you’re not already loving this great 8-piece girl group from Korea then you damn well should be. For the uninitiated, here are five great songs to start off with:




The one that got things going in a really big way. If you sing just a few bars of this song to anyone from Korea they will instantly recognise it. Check out the video for some great choreography.


From the same time period as Gee, the song’s video showed a more mature look than the innocent outfits of their previous songs. Listening to Tiffany sing ‘DJ, put it back on’ is one of the great moments of K-pop.



Another great song and video which showcased some great dancing and costumes.

‘The Boys’


“The Girls Bring the boys out” they sing on this Teddy Riley produced number and you know they’re not lying. It’s the first song they recorded in English and there’s even a mix which has Snoop Dogg rapping on it.

‘I Got A Boy’


This dazzling five minute pop symphony has been compared to Bohemian Rhapsody by Pitchfork. It blends five different genres of music and is simply the best song they have recorded so far in their career.

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