K-Pop review: Ailee + Vivid

Let’s start with the packaging: all Korean CDs come packaged in lavish cardboard folders that are closer to hard back books than the standard plastic jewel cases used by Western manufacturers.


This one is no exception: the cd comes in a hard book with several glossy photos of Ailee looking very seductive. The CD itself is housed in a rubber inlay.

So what about the music?

Track 1 starts with a saxophone blast over which the singer repeats the word Crash several times. It’s a strong song to begin with and bodes well for the rest of the album.

Track 2, Insane, reminds us that the singer can do a good English accent. It sounds like modern, mid-tempo R+B. Could potentially be a big hit.

Track 3 roughly translates as Love My Love and it’s a middling track that goes nowhere fast. Skip!

Track 4, Second Chance, is a bit better but by this point I was expecting more from this album. So far, nothing has come close to the energy of her most famous song Don’t Touch Me.

Track 5 is more unimpressive R+B .

Track 6, Come on Man (thanks Google Translate) plods along without doing very much.

Letting Go sounds like a potential single. It has a good hook and some nice backing vocals from Embassy.

Lastly, after a few more middling tracks, is an Emile Sande sounding ballad.

Final verdict: a few good tracks, but nothing to get very excited about. You don’t really need this album unless you are a die-hard fan.

Score: C-

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