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  • a guide to some of the best places in Birmingham’s Chinese Quarter.

People visit Birmingham for many reasons. Some come for the sporting events. Others might visit because of the massive indoor Expos that are held at the NEC. Personally, I visited Birmingham because of it’s Chinese Quarter, or Chinatown. England’s 2nd largest city has an area of three streets which are full of Asian restaurants, bars, the occasional nightclub, and even a Wetherspoon’s.  The area is located just outside the city’s main train station, Birmingham New Street. After a night in the chaotic Broad Street area, I wanted to experience something more authentic. True, there are some Indian restaurants there which were doing a good trade, but most of the restaurants near my hotel were exactly the same chain-type places you will find up and down the country.

Getting there

As you leave the station, you can see the brown tourist signs directing you to the Chinese Quarter. it’s easy to go the wrong way, but if you come out of the station at the main entrance you can see Hirst road right in front of you. This is where the Chinese Quarter proper begins.

There is a rather lovely looking restaurant with a green-tiled roof (China Court Restaurant) on Edgbaston Street. Next to it is another traditional Cantonese restaurant – Chung Ying.

Chung Ying was the first Chinese restaurant to open here

As you walk along Hirst Street, you notice that most of the buildings have Chinese characters. You can’t miss a very large three-storey building houses Ming Moon, which caters to the Chinese love of gambling.

Further along, there is a branch of the very popular Happy Lemon bubble tea café.

Perhaps you wouldn’t expect to see a traditional pub, but that is what you get, although the styling of the Wetherspoon’s in this area blends in with its name and building’s façade.

If you feel that the street has a slightly faded air, which it does, you can take a left to the modern Arcadian area in Ladywell Way. This is a car-free zone. The restaurants cater to a younger crowd, with a few non-Asian venues such as Las Iguanas.

On show in the centre of the square was a stunning lantern display. As part of the marketing for the film Over the Moon (based on a Chinese fairy tale) Netflix has designed 26 handmade lanterns with characters from the film. Far from being showy and over the top like the Christmas lights in London, these were intricately decorated and looked even more magical in the evening when they were individually illuminated. At nighttime this would be a wonderful place to eat, especially if you can sit outside.

This area is home to a wonderful patisserie with cookies and cakes form Taiwan and Hong Kong – which are clearly made fresh everyday.

Coming back to Hirst Road takes you to an excellent Chinese restaurant which offers Dim Sum in the mornings and then Sichuan cuisine. This region of China is known for its red and black pepper which is pleasantly numbing. Many of the dishes incorporate tofu – eg mapo tofu or Salt and pepper tofu.

Walking still further down, you come to Korean and Japanese restaurants. It’s quite likely that these are still owned and run by Chinese restaurateurs who want to cater for those in the area who happen to like other Asian cuisines as well as traditional Chinese.

As the road goes down past the Glee club, there are student bars and nightclubs, and it seems to have become home to the gay population of Birmingham.

Whatever your thoughts on that, make sure you come to this part of Birmingham when you next visit.

New Year’s Lay

New Year’e eve, 520 pm.

It’s new Year’s Eve, and, as on so many lonely nights, my thoughts turn to women, and with them, sex as well. There’s not much to do when you’re alone but imagine them and hope that somehow they will hear your lonely and horny heart crying out for them.

I have a whole database of porn that I could revert to on this occasion, and get it on. But the idea of sitting at home, unwashed and improperly dressed, doing something unspeakable in front of Invasian 3 seems insulting to this day. New Year’s Eve is the time to be out there in the thick of it. Meeting people, rubbing shoulders (at the very least) with beautiful strangers. When so many people are still putting their faith in the holiday season, who am I to show my disdain by staying in alone and touching myself?

There are plenty of apps designed to get men and women together as quickly as possible, and to the bedroom eventually. But I don’t have much time, as such a last minute guy as I am. I also didn’t make any plans for tonight. I want to be social, but not with the few friends I have. Tonight, I want to feel the thrill of a random encounter with a stranger.

Until the day comes when, like in Logan’s Run where Jenny Agutter materialises in front of Michael York at the press of a button, I must find women the old-fashioned way, using the internet to find sex partners. There are plenty of sites I have visited, and the one that best meets my needs is called ‘Easy Lay.’ I flip open my laptop and type my desired woman into the search bar. “Asian female, 20, slim, busty.” A few results come up, and I message one of them who looks like she can accommodate me.

What are you doing tonight? Want to have some fun?

she messages back right away.

I’m not doing anything. Do you want to come over?

I don’t need any persuading.

Give me thirty minutes, I say.

The thing is, when a girl is horny, you have to react quickly. It’s no good waiting around or she might lose interest.

…………thirty minutes later………………………………..

I’m standing in front of the door at the address where she lives. The thought does occur to me that she could be anyone. I guess she might be wondering the same thing about me.

The door slowly opens. I stand there for just a few seconds. I step inside. I’m relieved when I see that she looks just like her photo on the site.

She’s wearing a tight black dress and no stockings, her hair is down and she has on some bright red lipstick.

‘Won’t you come in?’

I’m momentarily dazzled by her beauty but I manage to stammer ‘Yes of course.’

‘You took a long time’.

I came on the tube, I say, by way of explanation.

She leads me down the corridor in to a large, open kitchen space.

‘Will you have something to drink?’

‘I’d like whisky if you have it.’

She pours out a large serving of single malt and sits it in front of me.

I take a look around the place. It’s clean, everything is new and hardly looks lived in at all.

‘Is it just you living here?’

‘It’s just me. Sometimes my friend comes to stay, the rest of the time, I’m the only one here.’

I take a sip of my whisky.

‘Aren’t you bored sometimes? Aren’t you terribly bored?’

She laughs.

‘Not really.’

I walk up to her lift her hands up. She moves towards me and I push my face towards hers. There is not one bit of resistance and I take the opportunity to kiss her.

Her lips are sticky – sweet from the lipgloss. I move past them with my tongue and I make gentle movements inside her mouth. I pull her up and we carry on kissing.

‘How did you like it? ‘

‘Mmm, pretty good.’

‘Oh, only good.’

‘Well, you could have used more force.’

‘Oh really? Ok, I will remember that.’

I let the whisky carry on its effect.

‘Do you like to watch porn?

‘I love porn. I watch it all the time.’

‘That’s good.’

‘I get most of my best moves from it.’

Her eyes open slighlty wider as she takes this in.

‘Do you like licking pussy?’

‘Yes. I do it all the time.’

‘Can you come a lot or just once?’

‘I usually come only once, unless we have sex for a long time.’

‘Hmmm. How long do you last for?’

‘I can last for at least thirty minutes.’ No lie, I really can.

She opens her legs under the table and i get a decent glimpse of thigh.

So, what porn have you been watching?

‘A lot of older women porn.’


‘So there are a lot of older women in porn. I don’t mean milfs exactly. i’m talking about older women who just decided to have sex on video because it’s always been a fantasy of theirs.’

‘Mmm, I get it. Is it hot?

‘It can be very hot. They are real women, amateurs. That’s the point. Some might have had some surgery, but most are natural. You can see their lines, blemishes and wrinkles. I’m not so interested in perfect-looking people.’

‘I’m interested.’

‘It’s great. the guy interviews the woman for ten minutes, asking her about her experiences. That’s often the hottest part. And when they are having sex, the guy doesn’t disrespect the woman or slap her around, he just has sex with her in the most erotic way possible.’

‘You’re making me hot.’

‘Ha ha.’

‘What do you want to do to me?’

‘I want to come on your face, I want to see it there on your chin, setting like a glaze.’


‘And then I want to watch as another girl slowly kisses you and licks it off.’

‘Oh that would be hot. But we don’t have another girl here, you’ll need to make do with me.’

‘I won’t be able to do anything, but watching the two of you, I can get hard again. What do you like in porn?’

the cumshot is hot. I like to see a man cum on a woman.’

‘How does it feel when he does it on you?’

‘She kicks her legs up and positions them on my lap.’

‘It’s fucking hot. I don’t mind where he does it. It just feels so good when it shoots out. Where do you like to do it?’

‘I like to cum on her stomach or her breasts, and watch it roll down her body.’

‘Men can’t come so much as women, can they?’

‘No we can’t. We need to work hard and then it’s just a small amount that comes out.’

I wonder what it feels like? When you orgasm?

‘It’s quite sudden. Everything feels tight, and then it’s loose, and you get a wonderful sensation as you start to orgasm. How is it for women?’

‘It’s a little different for women. We take longer to warm up. Our bodies start to tingle and we get wet. It’s like a light that gets brighter and warmer inside us.’

Are you feeling it now?

‘I’m feeling hot. Hearing you talk about coming on me made me hot inside. I want to feel you inside me.’

‘I’m feeling horny too.’

‘Is it so hard?’

It’s getting hard.

She stands up and comes over to me.

‘let me touch it.’

She puts her hand over me and holds it firmly.

I can get bigger if you suck me. Today I watched a totally awesome young Vietnamese woman take a guy’s balls in her mouth as she used her hand to get him hard. Will you do that for me?

‘I’ll try my best.’

‘Thank you.’

‘Have you had enough to drink?’

I look at the empty glass.’

‘We better get going, it’s nearly midnight and you haven’t fucked me yet.’

‘You’re right. Happy New Year!’

Hooking-up with Lulu

The messaging app ‘We-chat’ is the number-one messaging app in China. As well as its ease of use, the app has a ton of great features. For example, using the ‘discover’ function allows you to find other users near you. As long as they have the feature turned on themselves, you can chat and add people who aren’t yet in your contacts list. Looking at the list of users will probably skew heavily towards one gender. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on the feature.

Recently, a Chinese girl living in London sent me a message through the function. We had a little back and forth and it looked like it was going nowhere. Then a month later I saw that she had accepted my ‘friend’ request’. Only a month after I sent it! We shared an exchange in which she asked me some basic questions, and I got the impression that it was going to be a text-only relationship, something which is frustratingly common when nobody has any interest in actually meeting up. But then she asked me if i wanted to come and see her, and could I bring a condom. I’m used to girls needing some persuasion in this area. Usually they want to meet up at least once or twice before anything sexual happens. Sometimes you have a great chemistry on the phone and then it all disappears once you finally meet up.

But Lulu was different. For a start, she was asking me to come to her place. Second. she was already telling me all kinds of things, like how wet she was getting, that her legs were already open. I couldn’t leave the house fast enough. Lulu’s house is about 40 minutes by public transport and I kept on texting her so that she wouldn’t cool down. Luckily she was so turned on that nothing was going to disrupt it. Sometimes, when girls get like this, nothing can change things.

Lulu lives in a secluded part of Queensway, not far from the tube station, just opposite from the old Whiteley’s Department store. I rang the buzzer and Lulu was able to let me in. She’d asked me if I wanted to be naked. and she was there to greet me in some sexy red underwear. she apologised for not wearing make-up (a very nice touch I thought). lulu led me straight into the bedroom, where she quickly got back under the covers. I threw off my coat, took off my shoes and socks, and slid in beside her. Straight away we were kissing each other and i let my hands wander across her body.

Asian girls have a way of getting right up close to you, and our bodies seemed to melt together. I enjoyed her sexy costume and decided to leave it on for a while. I was enjoying the feeling of her body pressing against me, as she was grinding against my jeans. I slipped my hands underneath her basque and gave her nipples a squeeze. her body was so slender; like amodel, and her breasts barely protruded from her chest. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy stroking, nibbling at them and seeing them harden and swell twice their normal size. I put my hand inside her panties to feel how wet she was. Lulu was completely shaved, and I slid one of my fingers inside to get her ready. This made her even more excited as she rocked herself back and forth frantically. i undid my trousers, slipped out of my boxers and her hands went to my cock. I wasn’t fully erect, something that sometimes happens when I’m with someone new.

Fuck me, fuck me harder! lulu was saying over and over. For a Chinese girl, she knew exactly what to say. I gave it to her as hard as I could. Meanwhile, Lulu was guiding my hand to her ass, over her buttocks and into her asscrack. I enjoyed stroking this most private area and was thrilled that she was offering herself to me so completley and without any reservations.

I was losing my erection at this point. I was so focused on keeping Lulu happy that I ignored my own pleasure. I pulled out, and decided it was time to try oral. Lulu had already asked if I liked oral, and I had told her that I did. It was time to put her pussy to the test. I carefully repositioned Lulu so that I could get a good access to her vagina. Lulu was completely shaved and I started to work my way down south. I made a few circulatory laps near her lower belly, the slightly raised area of skin where she had removed her pubic hair told me that I was getting near the good area. I had a really good close up of her vagina. Her lips were open like flower petals and i began to kiss and put my lips over them. when I am with the right girl I can really get carried away giving them oral pleasure. I like to play around the outer area before putting my tongue all the way in.

I have heard people say that Asian women taste so much better down there than other women. Since I seem to only have sex with Asian women, maybe I’m not qualified on this. But I can confirm that in this case it was definitely a gourmet experience. I spent a good five minutes enjoying eating out Lulu, if only to give myself a rest before the next round!

After a quick break and a shower I got back into bed. Lulu took my cock in my hand and preceeded to give me a handjob. It took me a little time to get hard, but Lulu persisted, She grabbed my balls and pulled with just enough pressure so that I started to become hard again. Lulu backed herself against me and allowed me to enter her from the side, which gave me an ample opportunity to stoke her ass, kiss her neck and breasts. I was just high on being in her company,wandering from place to place.

We had time for one more position and I finished things up with Lulu on top. This seemed to be the stance that gave her the most enjoyment and was how she came the first time. I let her have some deep sttrokes, and allowed my cock to pull out completely so that she got the full benefit of it. I could see that the condom was shiny with some of Lulu’s juices, I was in heaven feeling it glide in and out of her hot pussy. Lulu was still wailing for me to fuck her harder. It got too much and I came, warning her that I was coming. Lulu just carried on fucking me anyway. Soon she realised what had happened, and we stopped. I slightly regretted finishing too quickly but in the circumstances. I gave Lulu a big kiss before holding her in my arms for a couple of minutes.


Lulu was totally uninhibited, took great enjoyment in sex and was able to get the ball rolling. I’m sure if we had more time together we could have had an even wilder time. i have been a little wary of Chinese women in the past. They seem to be fairly hard to reach but now I’m having second thoughts. A year ago I would have said that Koreans are the best girls in Asia but i really don’t believe that now. The weChat app is a great way to get to know Chinese women and I now regularly use the ‘people near by’ function to get new aquantances. The fact that Lulu approached me first says a lot about the new attitudes of Asian women to sex and dating. I’m looking forward to meeting more women like her in the future.