Sex with Asian women

There are lots of ways that Asian women stand out from women of other races but for me the number one area is in the bedroom. It’s no accident that amongst prostitutes Asian women can and do charge higher prices than any other races. So what makes them so special?

First of all, it’s their attitude.

Many Asian women can appear pretty demure in terms of how they behave and act. You don’t see many women from Asian countries wearing miniskirts or high heels. But that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy sex. They simply aren’t going to advertise it in the same way as other women do.

Next – mannerisms in the bedroom. Asian women are very subtle in the bedroom and in my experience this is one of the best things about them. I simply can’t stand the over the top way women of other countries shout at the top of their lungs during the act. I also don’t understand the appeal of talking dirty during sex which is just as well because I would be terrible at it.

Their consideration. I was recently with a Chinese woman who took my clothes off and neatly folded them and placed them in a neat pile before we made love. It told me as much about her as anything else she went on to do.

Thirdly, they are more likely to want to please you in bed. This includes before and after, and it’s common for girls to want to massage you afterwards as well, which is pretty awesome when you think about it.


There are a lot of Asian porn stars who have become are very famous and you can get an idea as to what makes Asian women great from watching these videos. For a start, it’s clear that they are usually much more petite than western women.

Their sexual appetite is strong (I’m not sure if its higher than other races) and they are energetic too.On a physical level they have minimal body hair and their skin feels amazing.

It might seem hard to believe that it could be this great but there really is nothing to not like about the whole Asian experience. I mean really great. Prepare to have your mind and your body blown away.

Even if you feel inexperienced sexually by the standards of western women, you’re going to be with women from cultures where it’s unusual to start dating or having sex until their twenties. Don’t worry, about which country they come from. It’s going to be good whether you choose a women from Thailand, the Phillipines or Japan,or China (you get the idea).

The fact is that I did not have sex in my early twenties made me feel inadequate. I didn’t feel accepted by women in my country. Now I’m realizing that maybe it wasn’t anything wrong with me at all. If you’re a white guy and you’re constantly made to feel not good enough or lacking in some way, there is a simple solution: look east, young man. 

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  1. Good site, honest writing.You’re just saying what’s on your mind. I lived in South Korea for 6 years and agree pretty much with your thoughts

  2. Chinese girls are worried about being a “leftover woman” if she is not married by 28. This means their timeline to find a husband is much shorter. Chinese girls also connect dark skin to uneducated Chinese farmers. When a decent white guy shows interest in them, the chinese girls rarely reject them. Bingo! Yellow fever. Readers should read about the culture of leftover women in china and the culture of chinese girl’s preference to avoid marrying a dark skin farmer.

  3. The goal of a chinese girl is to get married soon to avoid becoming a leftover woman. The best way for a chinese girl to get the white guy to marry her is to give him the best sex that he ever had.

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